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The QUIZ ... 7 Easy Questions.

The basic argument these days is whether a social media manager is a standard web marketer - or just a sophisticated webmaster with staff writer responsibilities - short and long text, aye.

If you are currently wearing the managerial hat known as a social media manager, you are probably already aware of the additional duties that can easily be attached to what you do - so you probably have an opinion on where your real responsibilities lie. Rephrased, if you are seeking a position as a social media manager, be careful what you ask for.

To pique your interest ...

  • One definition of social media management is to say that the user-generated content created by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn users - for example - essentially organizes and makes available a plethora of new customers - which generally makes marketing departments slobber all over themselves.
  • Put another way, the Big Orange Person in the illustration below - the person with all the arrows pointed at her or him, can be you, your business name, and your contact information. The three Smaller Green People represent your current customer base. The outer groups of Little Green People are potential clients that can be reached through social media by way of the digital connections that connect social media - as the outer groups of Little Green People see through the Smaller Green People directly to you.

It's not illegal. It's also not unethical. That's just how it works.

So. Now that you know the basics, take The Quiz to the right to determine where you're at with teaching yourself to be a social media manager. And then start volunteering to actually do it for agencies and businesses in your area.

They will love you for it - because it's essentially free - other than your managerial elbow grease.


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JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 3 years ago from Florida

Fascinating article, just when I thought I knew it all you teach em something new.


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