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Social Media Man's hair catches on fire when he thinks about his day job ...

What's all the hubbub?

If you have a prospective agency on your base that is unsure about all the “Social Media Manager” hubbub - if they have no clue as to what it includes, mistrust the technology, or are concerned about privacy issues - one way to convince them to take the plunge is to ask them to synchronize their LinkedIn profile with a Twitter account.

Here are some easy ways to assist you with that effort:

Many companies, business managers and employees have LinkedIn profiles - and Twitter is one of the easiest of the social media web sites to set up and manage. In short, you want to illustrate the power of social media - and your social media consulting competence - with one small example involving two powerful social media sites.

Ask your prospective client (business owner) to log on to their LinkedIn profile. (You might be able to do this with a telephone conversation.) Then tell them to click on the Twitter symbol under the "Share an update" box in the "Network Activity" section at their LinkedIn home page. Next, they should follow the online instruction that tells them how to grant access between LinkedIn and Twitter.

Bear with the permission-granting system that connects the dots between the two social media web sites. It often takes a couple of tries before the two sites synchronize correctly. Many of the social network web sites are slightly glitchy in this way (be persistent, the stuff works).

Once things are functioning properly between the two sites - and the person you are working with “shares an update” at LinkedIn - the information will goes out as a Twitter tweet (cool, aye?).

Ensure that your new client adds matching, accurate contact information - email, company web site, address, and telephone, for example - at both web site profiles (LinkedIn and Twitter). That way, when one of their customers - or potential customer - stumbles across the cool, thoughtful, informative, helpful, and very interesting information (read: "advertising copy") that your client sends out as a LinkedIn update (also as an auto-tweet) - the information burst created by this small amount of effort - links back to your very happy business owner's web site address or other contact information.

She or he will then so impressed at the effect that it has on customer acquisition - that they will hire you to perform more marketing magic with your Social Media Manager skills.

Then you'll have to get busy earning your new consulting fee or Social Media Manager day job paycheck:

  • You'll need to open accounts for all social media sites that make sense for the type of business you're working with.
  • Synchronize everything (and watch out for double posts, which are easy to accidentally affect while connecting the dots with the various web sites).
  • Pen text in the form of hubs, blog posts, and micro-blog posts (e.g., tweets).

And then sit back and watch everybody smile ...

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