Social Media Marketing Bringing In Good Traffic To Your Site

The 2008 Cone Business in Social Media study reveals that almost 60% of Americans communicate with companies through the different forms of social media.  In addition, there is a 25% interaction that takes place more than once per week. 
Considering the statistics alone in the United States, you can more or less project the number of people you can connect with by engaging in the different social media channels.  While some companies still doubt the importance of using social media tools as part of their marketing library and the impact it creates to their ROI, SMM continues to prove its significant presence worldwide.

The main point and the most valuable factor in generating traffic to your site is your connection with people.  It is not enough for one to use the tools but to understand how everything works is the real issue at hand. 

SMM tools provide individual or companies another marketing strategy wherein advertising is through the dissemination of information about the product and/or service that they carry.  Unlike, the traditional marketing where customers listen and companies talk, there is a total paradigm shift in the way Social Media Marketing is managed. 

One effective marketing plan to increase more traffic to the site is to target a group of people who shares the same interest with your product branding.  When you share something common with people, you create opportunities for them to voice out their opinions, thoughts and ideas.  You may not realize it but ensuring that you listen to them intently while they air out their views is already one way of shaping up content and directing good traffic to your website. 

The flow of sharing and voicing out of common interests within and among people or group of people builds up a relationship.  This then eventually develops trust and loyalty giving you the edge and the additional manpower to spread a good word for you and your product without even having to hire people and spending that much.  It may take a long process but in the end it is worthwhile.  

It may seem simple but there are some challenges that you have to keep up with in order to stay in the field and to steadily increase the traffic in your site.  Some of the challenges include the following :

a. Organizing the information – you should be able to put together your information, categorized or classify topics for easy reference.

b. Relevant content – you should be able to raise or provide quality and informative content otherwise people will not be interested at all.

c. Be proactive – Participation is the key ingredient.  You cannot pretend that you are listening.  Do your part and do the extra mile for them.  You cannot just sit and wait for things to happen. 

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askpowers 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing such nice information, Keep it up.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

Great information and advice here. I'm not sure just how many people are into what I write about. In my writing I'm not trying to sell anything, I'm just trying to share my experiences with others on just how possible finding sobriety in your life be when you thought their was no hope at all.

Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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