Social Media Marketing : The Importance Of Participating

A CEO of a telecommunications company addressed in his speech that the future of the company is with the Information Technology.  He even encouraged his employees to embark and be techno savvy in order to keep up and be at paced with the direction of the business.  Indeed the importance of technology has been evident in many cases.  For instance, people have been using technology as a conduit to share their thoughts, ideas and even talents through the internet. 

Social Media Marketing

This type of knowledge and idea sharing is very apparent in Social Media Marketing (SMM).  People have been talking about a lot SMM and I am just as lost as some of you are when I first heard the term.  I took it upon myself to do a little research just to acquaint myself with what it is all about and how it would affect me.

While I was reading various articles about SMM, I was actually amazed at how the author captured or explained SMM in one line : Monologue has given way to dialog.  The author simply means that Social Media Marketing has allowed a two-way communication and socialization of information between and among companies and consumers.

SMM tools have ensured that the voices of consumers are heard through a democratic way of participating in discussions and forum ultimately becoming the content and branding of a certain product or service.

The advent of SMM together with the right combination of tools have been seen as a great influence in the marketing industry revealing its impact on the company’s Return-Of-Investment (ROI).  The observation is that SMM significantly stimulates decisions of newsmakers, clients or consumers all around the world. 

Do not anticipate.  Participate!

Do not underestimate the power that word-building and information–sharing creates.  Think deeper and you may realize that SMM is not merely a game or a chat room where you just see or hear people talk about things.  Companies acknowledge the transformation of the Public Relations and Corporate communications by using SMM tools to promote their products and services. 

The key factor here is participation.  Engaging in Social Media will increase the chances and create opportunities for you to bring about a positive branding.  If you do not at all make an effort to connect with people, reach out to audience, and build a community through the different Social Media forms then expect a stagnant or even a downward trend in your sales.


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