Social Media and the Future

Predicting the future of social media might be impossible

Social Media is now part of our daily lives
Social Media is now part of our daily lives | Source

Trying to make an educated guess about the future is what big business interests do well.

A person who can evaluate what is happening in their business market and the rest of the world and translate that into a solid prediction has a wonderful gift. Imagine having the great instincts to know which direction you should take your business to succeed.

In England there is a study of what the future of social networks might look like. They started out wondering what the future looks like for social media and determined that the best course of action is not to know, because you can’t predict the future, but to be prepared for different turns that it might take. No matter which direction it goes in, that way you’ll be ready to go along with it.

Responding to the twists and turns that social media takes might be the best way to stay afloat. Consider the Twitter traffic today and remember that it was virtually nonexistent just a year ago. What does tomorrow’s innovation hold? Are you ready to flow with it?

There is a quote that is rather profound as it relates to social media and all technology in general. The gist of the quote states the idea that technologies that disappear are the most profound. They come in, and then seem to disappear as they are absorbed into our everyday living until we don’t even notice them any longer. Have you ever thought about the possibility, for example, that you would no longer be able to text your lunch appointment to tell him what section you are sitting in at the restaurant? It’s now part of our daily lives.

Social networking may be seen as just that common at some point in the near future. It may even appear to disappear because no one will be raving about its virtues, or giving tutorials on how to use it as it will have become ordinary and commonplace. There were community classes given frequently, for example, when email and searching the internet first were introduced. Now it’s hard to find a single tutorial class as most everyone uses it as commonly as they use the phone.

Interacting with business contacts will become more common on social networks; that you can be reasonably sure of. If social networks disappear, it won’t be because they are gone; it will be because they are so commonplace that no one discusses them any longer.

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rayban2011 profile image

rayban2011 5 years ago

social networks will be a part of the new Web 3.0 concept for sure as it may even substitute search at some point. it will become a way of natural communication and everyday peoples interactions. it will become a channel for entertainment and getting information as well as a humongous marketing channel.

coreyrab profile image

coreyrab 5 years ago from Florida

It is my understanding that social is going to play a huge role in search results of the near future. Personalized results will completely change most SEOs strategies.

techmagnate11 profile image

techmagnate11 5 years ago from Delhi

In this days the social media play a powerful role to increase the traffic on our site,and for promote our business.In the future social media play a more powerful role in the market.

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