Social Media Sites That Pay (and Some That Just Pretend to)

This is a round-up of several social media sites (in alphabetical order) that offer payment to members in return for their posting short written content and interacting with each other via unique post views, likes and comments. Only unique interactions count, not, for example, repeat views within a short time period or views of very short duration. So, for all payment rates mentioned, take it that "views" means unique views. Keep in mind, too, that sites that have a stats page usually show all views, not just unique views. So, don't rely on those to keep track of your earnings.

These sites aren't full-blown article sites like HubPages but social platforms where the content is just a short blurb of around 100 words or so. It may be a small piece of interesting (to some) information, or just a personal post about what someone had for breakfast. Interactions generate ad impressions, and the advertising revenue paid to the site is shared with the members according to the interactions that each of their posts receives. Reputable sites keep their promises and pay. Others don't, either because they're scammers or, more commonly, because they have no idea how to run a business or website.

The following sites are those that I have some personal experience with either as a member or an outsider gathering info from members' comments. I plan on adding more.

Payment Info at a Glance

The table below shows some payment info of the different sites compared.

RPM means rate per mille (rate per thousand) - the amount paid for 1,000 unique views or interactions.

Min Payout
$100 (Adsense)
Adsense + affiliates - variable
$1.00 (2,000 points)
$3 - $5
$15 Paypal (5,000 points)
$25 - Visa Card
$0.60 Rising with engagement
$1 - Paypal
No RPM - $0.25c per article
$5 - Paypal, Payoneer
$1 to $5
50/50 Ad Revenue share

Site Reviews

See below for a review of each of the sites that are still active.


Daily2Cents is a paying social platform. The Admin are two very capable women who are completely genuine, and who have gained a lot of trust and affection from the members through being very upfront, open and paying on time. They're also very helpful and frequently give advice on how to attract more traffic to posts. Posts submitted to daily2cents must be at least 100 words long.

From October 1st, 2015, payment is via Adsense or other (member-chosen) affiliates only. The Admin decided that this change is necessary to keep the site sustainable. The ad-share is such that 75% of the time, all ad impressions will be credited to you, and 25% of the time, ad impressions will be credited to Daily2Cents. For Adsense earnings, the minimum cashout (set and paid by Google) is $100 (or other currency equivalent). The money is paid automatically to the bank account registered with your Google Adsense account. This is going to be a problem for those who don't already have a Google Adsense account. Applying for one is straightforward, but getting approved isn't. Google want to see that new applicants have substantial content that has been in place for a few months before considering applications,


Launched in September 2015 by at least one of the founders of the previously failed site Elite Visitors (see Closed Sites section below).

Payment is in the form of Elite Points and comes from article views plus comments made and received. The exchange rate is 2000 EP = $1.00 (Aug 2016). I haven't heard of anyone making payout yet, probably because, with the relatively low membership and readership they have, it could take a very long time to reach 2,000 points. was a Bangladesh-registered site, although the website's contact address is in Australia and the site now shows as being hosted in Los Angeles. The site has been online for 10 years as a personal blogging site of the owner, but it appears to have been converted into a paid social media site very recently. Site membership and engagement are very low and almost all posts are by the Admin himself.

The site is Adsense-enabled but gives no specific information about payment rates, how the payment is made or what the minimum payout amount is. The Admin just submits posts but doesn't appear to interact with anyone on the site. Not recommended. | Source is an Indian registered site with well laid-out terms and conditions and a fairly active community. Posts must be at least 100 characters and you are paid one point (which they call flight points) for each like, view and comment received. You can cash out when you reach 5,000 flight points, and receive $15. That makes an RPM of $3 or 0.3 of a cent for a single unique view like or comment.


MyLot has been in existence for several years, but stopped paying in 2013. A new revamped version that does pay was launched in 2015. Payment is by Paypal only, but they don't tell you how much you can earn, just that the more you write, comment and like, the more you'll earn. The minimum payout threshold is $10. You can also earn by taking offers from certain sponsors of the site.


PersonaPaper (closing soon) is run by a husband and wife couple. Like Daily2Cents' Admin, they are trusted and well-liked because of their openness and willingness to keep members up to date with site developments and because they have always paid on time.

On Jan 31 2016, however, Persona Paper announced that they can no longer keep running the site as ad revenue has decreased significantly. Unless they can figure out an alternative revenue earning scheme, the site will close in the near future. Earnings have already been suspended.



I first heard of Redgage here on HubPages over three years ago. A Hubber had written an article about it saying that she had no hope of ever earning money from it but that it was a good source of traffic for linking to HubPages. And she was exactly right. The payment rate starts at around 60c per 1000 unique views, and cash-out is complicated, especially if you live outside the USA. The minimum withdrawal amount is $25, which is made via a Visa Gift card that they send you (US members only) or a Virtual Visa Card (non-US members), which is only good for online transactions.

One good thing about the site is that you can place self-serving links on any of your posts without being penalised, banned or frowned upon. So even though I'm rarely on the site and never expect to see any money, at least, I see some small traffic coming from there to articles here on HubPages.

The payment rate does increase if you increase your level of interaction on the site, and I know of one guy who was very active - making friends with everyone he came across and rating and commenting on their posts. Every member's profile page shows how much they've earned and for this guy it was over $10,000 earned over (I guess) a couple of years. However, even he says that nowadays it's not possible to earn anything like that any more. The site had a major revamp more than a year ago, and it has never fully recovered from the shock. There are glitches, much-reduced traffic and a depressing air of uncertainty that permeates the site. started in May 2015 offering 1 cent per received view on each submitted post and 2 cents per received comment.

Despite many members having reached the minimum payout amount around August, and despite the Admin's promise that all payments would be made by November 20th - a commitment that he said was "sacrosanct" - only two members were paid.

In mid February 2016, still with no further payouts, the site Admin declared that the business model had changed. Due to poor content being penalised by search engines, the ad revenue sharing scheme has been discontinued, and earnings can now only be had via members' writing articles for $1 per four articles, each of which must be at least 300 words long and be approved by the Admin before being published. Note also that all published content uploaded by members will now become and remain the property of SeraphicInsights. To encourage members to start writing again, a few small bonus payments have been made to a few members, but no mention of the twenty dollar payouts owed from last year.

If the Admin thinks that members are going to write 300-word articles for 25 cents each AND hand over all rights to those articles, he's going to be very disappointed.

Sweeba started in late 2015, and is widely suspected to be owned and run by the crew that owned and operated Bubblews until it failed. This suspicion is based not only on the timing of the opening but also on the name, Sweeba, resembling Bubblews' owners' other project "Sweeble". The site gives almost no information except to promise earnings via posts, comments and likes using exactly the same ad revenue model that Bubblews Admin said was no longer viable. As of Dec 13 2015, I have heard no reports of anyone having been paid.

Thoughtz Factory
Thoughtz Factory | Source

Thoughtz Factory

Thoughtz Factory ( is an India-based social platform launched in February 2015. I don't have much info yet on this site except that they promise to share the ad revenue on a 50/50 basis with members. Unfortunately, no member has announced having received any payment yet. Payment is by Paypal, but India-based members, who can't receive Paypal payments, are paid directly to their bank. Other countries, too, such as Pakistan, are ineligible for Paypal payments, but no information is given about how those members will receive payment despite at least one member from Pakistan asking on the forum but so far receiving no answer.

One bad thing I've noticed is that the site has terrible adverts that pop up uninvited and cover the screen. And clicking on the HomePage sometimes brings up an ad and at other times a warning that "The site ahead has malware issues - Go back to safety". Not a good sign. Apparently, they used to have an Adsense account and lost it.

Contests are sometimes held on the site, and at least a couple of winners have confirmed that they were paid. The owner says he's doing this because the site doesn't have enough members yet for anyone to reach the payout amount, and he wants to demonstrate that his site is legitimate.


Of all the sites listed above, the winner, in my opinion is Daily2Cents. The positive vibe felt throughout Daily2Cents and its sister sites such as Writedge, Listofied and others that the Admin are setting up or already operating is encouraging.

Recently Departed Sites

The following sites have now closed.


Bubblews (closed)

After several months of excellent payouts followed by over 2 years of broken promises, terrible communications and missed payments, Bubblews has finally closed stating that the advertising display business model is no longer viable.

CGP Gallery (closed)

CGP Gallery didn't pay anyone while it was active, although I think I heard of at least one person who heard from someone else that someone had been paid. Soon the site was full of posts calling CGP Gallery a scam, and the Admin abandoned the site, which eventually was taken down by the hosting company and replaced with an "account cancelled" notice. CGP Gallery is no more. (closed)

Payment was via a points system. One or more points were awarded depending on the activity performed such as writing posts, writing comments or answering questions. 1,000 points were worth $5 available as an Amazon Gift Card or Paypal payment.

The site closed in early August 2016 with just a brief message claiming "unforeseen circumstances". (closed)

Pay2write, later renamed HelloFreedom, was promising 0.5 of a cent for every unique view, like or comment. The site was India-based, and the quality of English in the terms and Conditions, FAQ, etc., was poor and made the site look unprofessional.

The payment model was different to other sites in that there was no minimum payment, and payout was supposed to occur on the 1st of every month. But it didn't happen that way. The first payday, April 1st 2015, was cancelled because of changing over to the new site, and the second payday, May 1st, was cancelled because, according to their email, they only made $7 advertising revenue from Google Adsense and couldn't pay the $200 they owed to members. They closed soon after.

Source (formerly EliteVisitors & BestWriters) (closed)

Closed (June 2015)

EliteVisitors was another social platform that started in the wake of the Bubblews decline. Quite a few people abandoned Bubblews for EliteVisitors and wrote their posts, happy in their new home, only to find out that the Admin who was in charge of the money, disappeared with it. Apparently he not only cheated the members, but also the other Admins.

With EliteVisitors' name and reputation in ruins, the remaining Admins built a completely new site called and transferred members, accounts and content. Shortly after that they changed again to WorldFamousWriters. Many members decided to stay as they still trusted the remaining Admins. Shortly before the latest change of site, the Admin revealed they could no longer pay to run the site and continue to pay members at the same time. The choice, which was put to the members to decide, was to close the site or change it, at least temporarily, into a non-paying site. Loyal and regular members agreed to the latter choice, but the site closed a couple of months later.

Write2Earn (closed) was launched in late 2014. The pay rate was 0.33 of a cent per interaction or $3.33 per thousand interactions. The Admin, presumably in an attempt to assure members that they are legitimate and will pay whenever anyone reaches the minimum payout of $5, awarded advance payments of $2.50 to selected members, and published payment proofs on Facebook. Site activity was very low and the site was neglected by the Admin throughout its short life. The site domain name expired in late November, 2015.

© 2015 chasmac

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FatBoyThin profile image

FatBoyThin 18 months ago from Kinneff, Scotland

I hadn't heard of most of these sites, so it was all news to me! Very interesting and thought-provoking. Great Hub. Voted up.

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 18 months ago

Thank you very much. This site has great information. Because of this article I am thinking about trying to post to one of these sites.

chasmac profile image

chasmac 18 months ago from UK Author

Thanks FatBoyThin and Robert. I'm glad you found it interesting. Robert, if you join any, make sure it's those that pay, and not those time wasters that just pretend to.

In fact, all of them, even the good ones, have a built-in limitation, which is that the minimal content requirement means that search engines don't like them as they offer little in the way of substantial information. So search engine traffic is very low or non-existent, and this significantly impacts earnings potential.

Chriswillman90 profile image

Chriswillman90 18 months ago from Parlin, New Jersey

It's a good reference hub but I'm still confused. If I were to pick a site, is Daily2Cents the optimal choice?

chasmac profile image

chasmac 18 months ago from UK Author

Thanks Chris - in my opinion, yes. Of the sites that I've covered, D2C is the best in my opinion because it's trustworthy. It pays what it says. PersonaPaper does too but traffic isn't as good. Some of the other sites offer a higher rate but there's no guarantee they'll ever pay. But if earnings are more important than socialising and you want to write proper articles like on HubPages instead of short posts, then D2C's sister site, would be better. It's the same rate as D2C but it gets search engine traffic. This Hub is only about those social sites with minimal content requirements - and those never get much search engine traffic. You have to rely on interacting with other members in order to earn.

Dougalbunny profile image

Dougalbunny 18 months ago from London, England

Thanks for writing a very informative hub! Lots of sites popping up and disappearing into oblivion it seems! I like the tip about writing some stuff on redgage to build up incoming links and I would love to know why the unfortunate couple with a seemingly well-intended site lost their Adsnese!

chasmac profile image

chasmac 18 months ago from UK Author

Thanks Dougalbunny. Yes, I think that they too would like to know why they lost Adsense. They suggested that it might be because they had a huge increase in membership after Bubblews wiped out a lot of their members' earnings, and Google thought it was suspicious. I don't think that can be the real reason, though.

Chance Harvey profile image

Chance Harvey 18 months ago

I have tried many of these and great information on the ones I have not, thanks for sharing.

dmcgaw profile image

dmcgaw 18 months ago from Manitoba, Canada

Thanks chasmac for you nice thoughts about Daily Two Cents! We've been working really hard to bring the income up so we can pay more and we have hopes that we might be able to raise the rates at least some in June!

While our rates might be lower than some sites, you can be absolutely sure you will get paid from us. And if you need ANY kind of support, me and Michelle are always around for our writers.

Those that prefer to use an Adsense based earning system (where you get to display your own Adsense ads a percentage of the time) might prefer our review site (Honest Reviewz) or our List site (Listofied). We've got some great things in the works this year, too!

chasmac profile image

chasmac 18 months ago from UK Author

Hi Danielle - No need for thanks - You got the positive review you deserve through being one of the very few trusted admin teams who actually know how to manage a site and take care of members. Good luck with the new sites and developments (Personally, I'm waiting for MiPyx).

florypaula profile image

florypaula 18 months ago

I am always searching for new legit ways to earn online and your article was great and informative. Thank you

chasmac profile image

chasmac 18 months ago from UK Author

@ Lovely C - I thought I had responded to this comment, but I can't see it anywhere... strange. Anyway, Yes Daily Two Cents works everywhere as far as I know.

@ florypaula - Thanks, I hope it helps you.

chasmac profile image

chasmac 16 months ago from UK Author

Thanks Productwise - Yes Bubblews seems a lot more stable nowadays doesn't it?

Vampirate profile image

Vampirate 13 months ago from Somewhere in Dreams

Bubblews is still not paying people who've earned their $50 since January 1, 2015. There are posts (quickly deleted) from people who've waited three months without payment. There are also posts about those nonpayments on the Better Business Bureau website (unanswered by Bubblews) and posts on other websites about nonpayments. It seems that Arvind Dixit and crew have pretty much abandoned Bubblews to develop other projects.

chasmac profile image

chasmac 13 months ago from UK Author

Yes, it looks like they're slipping back into their bad old ways.

Mills P 12 months ago from East Chicago, Indiana

Bubblews has also bitten the dust as of 11-15-15.

Vampirate profile image

Vampirate 12 months ago from Somewhere in Dreams

Bubblews is apparently being replaced with maybe as a parallel to the Sweeble app created by Bubblews' owners Arvind Dixit and Jason Zaccaro. The new website is is almost exactly the same thing as Bubblews, just a lot more secretive. There's no FAQ, no TOS, and the owners are shielded behind a middle-man domain registration, but the come-ons and promises for signing up and the look of the site are identical. At least one site has pinpointed San Francisco as the true location of the owners, and that's the city where Bubblews' Arvind and Jason live. The site has only recently been registered and its estimated lifespan is less than one year. It's not certain that Sweeba is the new Bubblews, but the parallels and the similarity to another Arvind and Jason product are certainly striking.

Mills P 12 months ago from East Chicago, Indiana

I joined Sweeba, but have no plans to post. I'd just like to see if my Bubblews pieces show up there.

chasmac profile image

chasmac 12 months ago from UK Author

Thanks Mills P and Vampirate for the Bubblews update. I'll remove Bubblews and check out Sweeba

Gina145 profile image

Gina145 12 months ago from South Africa

I was stung by Bubblews and a few other sites that popped up when their troubles started, so I try to be cautious about the sites I join now. A HubPages search for Sweeba brought me to this post, and Vampirate has confirmed my suspicions of a site that just doesn't look right.

Another site you might add to your review is myLot. They've recently started paying again and are the new home of a lot of former Bubblews members.

chasmac profile image

chasmac 12 months ago from UK Author

Yes - Sweeba looks decidedly dodgy, doesn't it? Thanks for letting me know that mylot have started paying again. I'll check it out.

Sweeba 12 months ago

Sweeba is not owned by the Bubblews people. FACT.

VampirateKitsune 12 months ago

Sweeba --- What fact? Your word? Not good enough. Prove it. Reveal who the true owners hiding behind the domain name are, where they are, and make those facts a public record. Post the site rules, especially how much people are paid for what, when , and how. You might also explain why so many similarities in slogan, format, lack of openness, etc. makes the site look like Bubblews reborn. And explain why on top of all that the name is so similar to sweebleapp.

VampirateKitsune 12 months ago

Sweeba, prove that "fact" by revealimg the true names and locations of the true owners in a public record disclosing their ownership. Hiding behind a domain name doesn't cut it.

wlrahilly profile image

wlrahilly 11 months ago from St Petersburg, FL

This is an awesome hub chasmac! Very informative. I was actually looking for some other places to write for to build up my residual income. I am currently with Daily Two Cents and will also share my enthusiasm about the site. They are reputable and do their best to make it a great experience for both writers and readers.

It is sad that you come across some sites that have potential (like Milktheblog) for instance. I was with them. Some just can't make the revenue to pay their writers. It's understandable and a tough competitive world out there. Id much rather stick with the 'known' folks like Hubpages. :-) It might take time to make money, but you know they are here for the long haul.

Happymommy2520 profile image

Happymommy2520 4 months ago from East Coast

Great Hub. I loved your outline on the different sites. Maybe I will try My daily two cents. Mylot is pretty good as well. You are a very talented hubber! I am going to Pin this one.

chasmac profile image

chasmac 4 months ago from UK Author

Thanks Happymommy. I wish you success.

Gina145 profile image

Gina145 4 months ago from South Africa

The latest one to close is ChatAbout. The site vanished yesterday with no warning.

chasmac profile image

chasmac 4 months ago from UK Author

Thanks for letting me know, Gina. I've updated the Hub.

Donna Markiewicz profile image

Donna Markiewicz 3 months ago from El Mirage, AZ

Thanks for the info! I've never heard of most of these sites. I am going to check them out and give some of them a try.

Gina145 profile image

Gina145 3 months ago from South Africa

ChatAbout did briefly have a message on their site reading "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Chatabout is no longer available." However that message vanished after a couple of hours. I think it's safe to assume that the site isn't coming back.

chasmac profile image

chasmac 3 months ago from UK Author

Good luck Donna, but stay away from SeraphicInsights, thoughtzfactory and KarelDekar

chasmac profile image

chasmac 3 months ago from UK Author

I thought it might just have been offline temporarily, Gina, so thanks for letting me know about the brief message they posted. - I'll update the Hub.

Gina145 profile image

Gina145 3 months ago from South Africa

I'm glad I could help. I still keep checking on ChatAbout in case something changes. Not that I miss it, but I keep hoping that somehow I'll get the $5 they owed me. If I'd cashed out immediately I might have got paid.

Fiona Jean Mckay profile image

Fiona Jean Mckay 3 months ago from South Africa

Thanks for the rundown - you always hear of these sites and kind of wonder whether or not to write for them. In my experience, Hubpages has worked out best for me.

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