Some Handy Time Management Tips for People with Busy Schedules

People are getting busier and busier day by day. It is becoming very difficult to manage time for different kinds of works in this time. Therefore it is very important to learn the various time management skills so that all the works can be done on time and no deadlines of any work are missed. It is the time of multi-tasking but all people are not expert at that. Time management skills are all the more important for these people. Here are some handy time management tips for you:

• It is very important to make a detailed plan of the works that you need to do early in the morning or the previous night. This will help you in planning the entire day well. You will be able to complete all the works on time as well.

• Use calendars if necessary. People working online can use various tools that are available for time management Google calendars and Google docs can help in time management in a very effective manner. Even mobile phones have calendars and you can manage time with that as well.

• It is very important to keep the deadlines in mind. Take them seriously and try and finish the work as per deadlines. This will help you in avoiding pending tasks and from creation of backlogs. Have the deadlines clearly mentioned in the calendar.

• Try and keep away from distractions when you are bogged down with work and need to finish them at the earliest. Try and concentrate hard on the work and see them getting finished earlier. Put off things that are distracting like mobile phones, instant messages and other things.

• It is very important to track your time for effective time management. Allot specific time for each work and try and finish that in the allotted time only. If you create a backlog, try and finish that at the earliest so that the next job is not hampered.

• Set the priority tasks. There are tasks that are very important and the ones that can be done a little later. Begin you day with the priority tasks and complete them on time before beginning the ones that are not on high priority list. This will help in effectively managing the entire task.

• Keep a watch in front of you. This will help in monitoring the time in a better fashion. Since you have allotted time for each work, you can keep a check on the time with the help of the clock in front of you. This will saves time as you do not need to get up again and again to see time.

• It is very important to learn to say ‘No’ where it is required the most. There are many people who keep on taking works and then cannot manage it within time. One should take the amount of work that one can handle comfortably and efficiently and not overburden oneself.

Following these simple time management tips help in better working for sure; it helps to increase your efficiency and you can achieve more in lesser time.

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rwelton profile image

rwelton 4 years ago from Sacramento CA

CarrieT -

I see you saved the best for last...........none of the others will work, if we don't learn to say NO!.



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