Some Thoughts on the Characteristics of Entrepreneurs & Uberpreneurs

Entrepreneurs & Uberpreneurs

Zwilling writes, “By most definitions of the term, an entrepreneur is someone who starts a new business, incorporating innovative changes to existing products, services, business models, and creating new markets. Yet very few achieve that great aspiration of really driving economic, social, and environmental changes on a global scale.”

What strikes me about this is not the definition itself, but the observation which follows it. I think there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are very successful, make tremendous contributions and effect change, all while not necessarily thinking in terms of doing so on a global scale. However I think that is a given, and both the book and the article are focused on Uberpreneurs. It specifically explores the question of what it takes to reach that level. This they do by looking at several who have achieved that unique status.

Entrepreneurs Are Needed

“We Need Entrepreneurs Who Can Drive Global Change.” This is the title of the article by Marin Zwilling, Founder and CEO of Startup Professionals, published in on January 11, 2014.

His reflections include some interesting highlights from the book, Uberpreneurs by Peter Andrews and Fiona Wood. In the book, these authors profile 36 leading individuals in this category, with the intention of identifying a set of common characteristics.

In reviewing some of the highlights Zwilling found in the book, he lists in his article seven characteristics which especially appealed to him within the technology sector.

Zwilling begins his article with this definition of an entrepreneur, and then makes the distinction that would put one in, or keep one from, the uber category.

The Seven Characteristics

The seven characteristics Martin Zwilling lists are that the Uberpreneurs in the book are:

  • Driven by an epic ambition
  • Opportunistic and Visionary
  • Innovative yet Pragmatic
  • Persuasive and Empowering
  • Focused and Confident
  • Resilient and Courageous
  • Consistently produce results

Key Considerations & Some Take-aways

What has been re-affirmed once again, within the book and the article, is that there are no specific predispositions, or what Zwilling refers to as “anything genetic.” Those highlighted as mega successful, high achievers come from diverse backgrounds, and from all across the economic spectrum.

So, in response to the question of how we might produce more of these remarkable uberpreneurs, Zwilling agrees with the authors, and puts it this way, “…we just teach aspiring entrepreneurs the facts, help them build their networks, supply them with some resources, and simply get out of their way. If you have a better suggestion, I’d be happy to learn from it.”

Aspire to be a few tributaries off the Mainstream.
Aspire to be a few tributaries off the Mainstream. | Source

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Vision to Improve or Create Something Wholly New

What I found most interesting in Zwilling’s concluding remarks is that we can observe, and to some extent isolate certain qualities and characteristics, but beyond that it is a matter of teaching and providing certain resources, and letting them find their wings.

This is one of the reasons I so love the network marketing model. Of course with this model, all of the systems, inventory and infrastructure are in place. However, when one finds a proven company with products with which one personally benefits and feels passionate, and joins a supportive team, remarkable success can occur. A key difference is that with a sound and proven Network marketing company, all the tools and training are provided. Yet within that solid framework, the freedom to grow and develop one’s own unique success story remains.

It is always fascinating to me that some individuals break away from the expected, the conventional, and make a new way. We benefit tremendously from such passion, vision and innovation. Yet the vast majority stays within prescribed and restrictive confines.

We owe so much to the dreamers and the doers; those visionaries who see what others cannot or will not. Those who despite tremendous odds, obstacles and detractors, strive to make things better or create something wholly new.

See Opportunities...
See Opportunities... | Source

Some Entrepreneurial Qualities, Quirks & Characteristics

Entrepreneurs see, seek and seize opportunities where others do not. They pursue their dreams despite every obstacle and bound over boundaries with persistence. They cultivate unwavering faith, take bold risks and are committed to learning from their inevitable mistakes and failures. It is those who are several tributaries off the mainstream who bring about transformation.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

Been there and done that, Linda. Now I think I'll just kick back, write, and enjoy a slower pace of life. Great information. In today's economy, I think we will see an increase of this type of spirit....I hope so, anyway.

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 2 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Thank you, Sir William. From what I can see, you're still doin' it with a lot of heart & soul.

Many of us still believe in the wisdom of the bumper sticker: Think globally, Act locally.

Be well, my friend! Write On!!!

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

This is not just for entrepreneurs, but for those that believe in a dream of general change.

Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 2 years ago from The Land of Enchantment Author

Thank you, Deb. Absolutely! I believe it is the same spirit that stirs within us, wanting to improve, contribute, advance and change things for the better.

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