Public Speaking as a Career: How to Make Money from Speeches

A Public Speaker
A Public Speaker

Many people all over the world are getting paid just for speaking. If you can speak effectively, you too can get attractive amount for your speech of about an hour. You just want to be a specialist in specific field and to know the Speech Market.

Effective speaking is an essential thing to get success. It is a must thing for establishing your leadership in any field, whether it is politics, business or organization. Think of every great leader in any field and you will find that he/she was a good speaker.

But this article deals not with getting success in leadership through public speaking, but to choose speaking as your career.

How to Make Money from Speaking

There is a great need of good speakers everywhere. Read today's newspaper and you will find that yesterday many speakers spoke here and there. Many of them are professional speakers. They get a handsome amount for speaking. Plus they get respect and publicity. And what is the best thing, they get advertised without advertising while they speak. When the function is over, they get another assignment to deliver a speech.

Apart from being a speaker, you can work as an anchor in various functions. You can work as a Radio Jockey too.

To become a reputed speaker, you must be an expert in your subject. It takes some time to establish as a reputed speaker.

Always have your business card with you. The business card must have your contact details, so interested parties could contact you for assignments.

Where to Find Speaking Jobs?

You can get 'speaking' jobs at:

1. Seminars and Conferences

2. Functions at Schools and Colleges

3. Religious and social functions

4. Training Institutes

5. Poll Campaigns

6. Get Togethers

7. Business and Marketing Campaigns

8. Radio

9. T.V. Discussions

10. Inaugurations

Points to Remember

1. Be expert in specific subject or subjects. You must be able to answer the questions asked by the listeners.

2. Effective speaking is a must thing for success in this field. Be fluent, be specific and speak point to point.

3. Always be fresh and charming. People do not like to see sad faces.

4. Never be a money oriented speaker. Money will come to you, if you become famous as a speaker.

5. Be in touch with elite people, who need public speakers for their organizations and institutions.

You may like to watch this video on Start a public speaking career by Darren LaCroix.

Video: Start a public speaking career

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L.L. Woodard,

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A good place to home your public speaking skills is at Toastmasters, a not-for-profit organization.

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