Start an eBay Business With Zero Investment

Start Earning Money On Ebay With ZERO investment

You may have heard or come across it on the internet that many people have started an eBay business without investing any money. There are literally hundreds and thousands of e-books you can find on the internet which tells people how to do this.

Now the BIG QUESTION is can you really start an eBay business without investing any money?????????

ANSWER: Yes you can.

AND here is HOW.

Now before I start to explain to you let me tell you this first, that the word ZERO investment is not 100% true. There is a little investment involved but its not a huge amount, you are talking about £10 - £20.00 to start with which is nothing if get a good return.

Another investment is TIME and EFFORT. You will need to invest few hours of you spare time and make an effort. To begin with you will need to spend a lot of time setting it up and you will also need to be patient as it will take a bit of time for your business to pick up and earn some good money. You will NOT make millions overnight and if someone claims this it’s a big lie don’t believe them.

So what do you do to make money?

Well, you sell digital products. A digital product is an item received on digital format directly to a computer via cd/dvd-rom, internet, e-mail, etc. Example of digital products includes:

  • Software
  • Digital Image
  • E-books (PDF , word, .exe format)
  • Music (mp3, audio, etc)
  • Video (.wmv, avi, mpeg format)
  • Digital Images / Pictures
  • Video Games
  • Etc

How do you Start?

To start of you will need to either develop a digital product yourself or buy a digital item with re-sell rights and then re-sell this on eBay to make money. You can buy many PLR (Private Label Rights) product packages online and on eBay and prices starts from 0.99p to £49.99. Just go to eBay and type in re-sell rights or PLR on the search box and you will see what I mean. With PLR and re-sell rights products you can list them as many time as you want on eBay and there is no limit as it is a digital item that can be burnt on to a CD as many time as you want, you bought it with a re-sell right so its legal.

If you decide to create a digital poduct yourself then make sure you choose something that everybody is looking for. Do some research on eBay and on the internet and check what people are searching for and buying on eBay. eBay has a category called Everything Else under which you can list information and digital products. When doing some research on eBay to check the hot selling items you can do a complete listing search using the advance search option. Just click on advance search select the Everything Else category and tick the complete listing option. Any items with price shown in green means it has been sold.

Whatever you do make sure you select something that is wanted by everyone and something that you can produce easily. Always make sure your product is of hight quality with rich contents and it meets the buyers expectation. Here is a list of things you can write about:

Computer Repair
Health and Fitness
Stop Smoking
Dog training guide
Homebased Business
Internet Business
Car Repair
eBay Business
Web design guide
Cooking Recipes
How to Draw
Trading and Shares
Love and Romance
How To Lose weight
etc, etc, etc.

If you have a specific hobby or you are expert in some field then you can create a digital product based on that. It will be a lot easier as well as you will have most of the information in your head.

I have started on eBay selling information products and gradually moved on to other things. I now sell mostly physical items but I still list some popular digital products with my other items. Here is a screen shot of my eBay shop showing the digital items I sell:

This is just the first page of my 57 items listed currently.  I have around 10 digital products on sale at fixed price at the moment.  Now just to give you an idea of how much I am earning with digital product on ebay here is my sale history for one of the digital product I am selling at the moment:

Here I am selling a CD cover design software for £2.99 and so far I have sold 14 copies and made £41.86 (2.99 x 14) using just 1 product.

Now let look a better product.  Here is the screen shot of the sale history of another digital item I am selling:

This one is a compilation of computer repair software CD and I am selling at £4.69 and so far I sold 19 copies and made £89.11 (£4.69 x 19) in total. See that's not a bad income for just 1 product.

Now my monthly income on ebay averages between £800 - £1500 a month and with around 10 digital items I make around £300 - £350 amonth and the rest comes from other items I sell which are physical items such as collectibles, electronics, books etc. Now I spend about 15 to 26 hours on ebay each week to earn this but I am sure you can earn more if you comit more hours and I know some sellers are earning almost £3, 000 a month just using digital items.

Here is a screenshot of ebay seller's shop which just sell digital products:

This guy is currently selling 79 digital items priced between £1.99 to £9.99. Now say he sells around 10 items per day (trust me this can be done) and the average price of the items are £2.99 each. Now let see how much is he earning a week:

£2.99 x 10 = £29.90 (per day)

£29.90 x 7 = £209.30 (per week)

By just listing 79 items and selling 10 a day he is earning £209.30 per week.

Now think about this. If you list 1000 items (some sellers have over 2,000 listing) and you sell 10% of this each day. How much could you earn a week. I will leave it to you to work it out.

to be continued...

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Teresa Laurente profile image

Teresa Laurente 6 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Did it help you in a significant way? Just curious. Thanks for sharing.

sasta10 profile image

sasta10 6 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Hi, Teresa Laurente. Thanks for your comment. It did help me very much as this was the starting point of my eBay business. I started of selling information products and then found other sales channel as I learned more about how to trade on eBay. It also allowed me to start with very little investment and this was really helpful as there was no risk of loosing money. You can check my eBay account (Sasta10)to see what I am selling and how I am doing. Thanks.

Teresa Laurente profile image

Teresa Laurente 6 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Wow. I sure would like to do this as well. Thank you so much for sharing your success. More power.

Hussain 4 years ago

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