Starting My Own MLM Business

My Basic Business Plan

Do something totally unique. Instead of looking out for myself, I am going to spend MOST of my time helping the people that are in my downline. I am going to help build their business KNOWING that in the end their success will mean more success for me...

Find ONE person a week that wants to LEARN how to run their own business that can devote at least 30 minutes a day to working on their new business and that can commit to a $12.00 a month investment for 6 months without forsaking their monthly bills. Once I find one person spend the rest of the week helping that one person develop their business to include at least 3 people in their downline... This way they have a solid foundation to work from and a better understanding of how it all works...

How Will I Advertise

Ebay: by running auctions for a 30 minute phone call about an exciting business oppertinuty that is Christian based and requires a monthly commitment of less then dinner at McDonalds for the family...

Facebook: Weekly promotions on my pages to generate excitment and traffic... I have 2 other pages that I can promote this on with a total of 40,000 fans and growing all the time. Many of you reading this came from one of those two fan pages.

Twitter: By tweeting to all 8 of my twitter accounts, I currently get over 300 clicks a day on my give away promotions... I am always building these accounts of with followers and use them strictly for advertising... I average around 20 retweets a day so this is a huge traffic source for my current business and I hope it is for this one as well...

Craigs List one of the hottest places to advertise for local people. I have a plan to advertise in several different areas on any given day... I am hoping that in time each one of my team members is using this plan for themselves in their local areas as well..

My Business Goals

My Goals For The Next 6 Months

I would like to build my downline BY one person every week, and helping each one of them reach team director within 7 days of joining my team with Scriptures. By helping my downline I am hoping that at the end of 6 months that I have at least 5 people making at least 300 a month steadily.

My Goals after 12 Months

To have built a stable secondary income strictly by teaching my team members how to build their own businesses, that at least 8 businesses owners in my group are making $300 a month that at least 3 people are making $600 a month and that at least 1 of my businesses owners is making $1000.00 a month.

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