Starting a Online EBay Business - Part 2: Getting Started

So you want to start a eBay business but how do you get started? Well this hub will take you through all the steps necessary to get you started. But before you start the standard advice is to learn as much as possible about eBay and doing business on eBay. There are tones of information available out there and the internet itself has a large collection of resources that will teach you everything about eBay and doing business on eBay. Here is a list of few resources to get you started:

  • EBay help – The help section on eBay’s website will have answers to almost any questions you may have, take a few moments to browse through the help section and check what’s available.EBay regularly updates their help page and will keep you informed of any changes once you joined and start selling.The address for eBay help is:
  • EBay community page: this is the meeting point for eBay sellers and buyers where you can discuss ant issues relating to buying and selling on eBay.Using the Answer Centre and discussion boards you can submit question you may have to buyers and seller.You can also share your views and ideas with your fellow ebayers.The website address for eBay’s community page is:
  • The eBay Map Course: Created by the first ever eBay® Entrepreneur of the Year, this course integrates internet marketing with eBay® selling. This a great course that will teach you many business models you can use to earn money on eBay.
  • Power selling on EBay Auction Site: Information and tips for increasing sales on eBay® and other auction sites.
  • Article: Using My EBay – Once you have signed up with eBay, you will get your own account page called My EBay. This article will explain everything on this page and how to use it. The website for this article is:

The above are some of the information available. There are millions of websites, blogs and articles available on the internet. All you have to do to find them is log on to your web browser and search it on Google. Use search term such as “eBay”, “eBay Business”, “Starting as eBay Business”, “How to use eBay”, “How to make money on eBay” and so on.

Starting to sell on eBay. What steps you need to take:

To start selling on eBay you need to take the following steps:

1. Create a seller’s account to sell on eBay and a PayPal account to receive and send payments

2. Research What to sell

3. Start listing few items to sell on eBay (coming soon)

4. Build your eBay feedback (coming soon)

5. Open a eBay Shop (coming soon)

6. Find best source for the products you want to sell (coming soon)

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