Starting a Online EBay Business - Part 3: Open a eBay Seller’s Account & PayPal Account

EBay Account

Before you can buy or sell on eBay, you must open an eBay account. To do this you should visit eBay's official website at and then click on the register link:

People who buy and sell on eBay often have 2 separate accounts for their buying and their selling.  Having two accounts gives them several advantages such as protecting yourself against unjustified feedback, or you can switch from one account to another when you have a problem with one account and so on.  To open two accounts you will need two separate email address, but to get you started you should start off with one account and open one later on.

Once you have clicked on the register link on the eBay’s website the first thing you should notice is that it takes you to a page that begins with https:

The letter s on the https: is very important as it tells you the page is secure or SSL encrypted site.  Any time you are asked for personal or financial information, you should be on a website that starts with https.  You should never enter your personal or financial information into the eBay website if you do not see the https: in the beginning of the website or url as shown in the picture above.

 The eBay registration page looks like this:

It asks for basic information such as you first name and last name, street address, city, etc.   It also asks for your USER ID and PASSWORD.  Your USER ID is how other members on eBay will recognise you.  This USER ID can contain your first name but it should not contain your full name.  It also should not contain your email address or any type of domain name.  Its best to pick a generic name and you don’t want to be too creative when choosing an USER ID as this could create problems later when it comes to selling on eBay.

During the sign up you will also be asked to choose a secret question, this is important so that eBay can identify your account when you have login problem later.  You can use the secret question to login into your account if you forget your user name or password later.

You will also be asked to provide your date of birth as anyone under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy or sell on eBay, so it is important that you enter the correct date of birth.

The last section of the sign up page includes terms of use and privacy.  You have to click the checkbox on the form to agree to these terms.  You should read the terms and condition carefully before you sign up and create an account.

Once you completed everything on the registration page click on continue button and your account will be created and an email confirmation will be sent to your email address.  This email will contain a special activation code or link to activate your account.  You must use the activation code or click on the link to activate your account.  It is generally a bad idea to click on a link in an email but this is an exception and you need to make sure the email you have received is from eBay.  The email should contain your eBay id and the email should arrive within few minutes after signing up for your eBay account.  Once your account is activated you can start selling and bidding on items, but before you do this you must sign up for a PayPal account and the steps to do this are described below.

PayPal Account

You won’t get far on eBay without a PayPal account. PayPal is an online payment processor owned by eBay. At it simplest you can use a PayPal account to:

· Pay a seller for an item won at an eBay auction.

· Receive money from a buyer at one of your own auction.

· Pay any eBay fees when selling on eBay i.e. eBay shop fees or listing fees, etc.

Opening a PayPal account is pretty much same as opening an eBay account. You simply go to PayPal’s web site ( and register using a simple online form. You use your e-mail address and password to log into your PayPal account. Please note never use the same password as you eBay account, select a different password.

You can fund your PayPal account in three ways: by direct debit from your bank account, with credit card or by accepting PayPal payments from other ebayers. You can then use these funds to pay anybody else who has a PayPal account.

To use a PayPal account you must register a bank account and credit or debit card with them. It is important that you have them both before opening an account.

Next Part - Part 4: Research What to sell (coming soon)

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