Starting a candy machine business for $50


Starting a cash candy business is cheap to do and is little risk to your money.  It can be built one machine and location at a time.  You can expand as fast or as slow as your time and money allow.  Best of all it is an all cash business.

Candy Machine Business

Start of your candy machines business with buy one used candy machine on craigslist.  Post an ad offering up to $50 per machine, buying these new cost an arm and a leg its not worth it that way.  There is little risk in paying $50 for a machine versus $300-$500.  After you have your candy machine go around to various local businesses and ask them if they would like a machine in their business and 20% of the profits.  Once you have the machine location, get a membership at costco or sams club and buy your candy in bulk.  Your profit margins will be much higher this way.  Fill your machine and place in the location.  Wash and repeat until the desired amount of machines are generating income.


The candy machine business is a good one to be in with no overhead and low start -up costs and best of all its an all cash business.  You can really make some decent money doing this.


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