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Selling on ebay is a wonderful and probably the best way for beginners to make money online. It is also a tool for small businesses and startups to increase their sales through a new sales channel. In the recent years many businesses such as antique shops have closed their doors and turn to online auctions site to sell their treasures. Using online auction they are able to expand their customer base and reduce their business running cost.

Many people in the past have also turned to ebay during difficult times in their life for example someone made redundant few years ago and lost his job, so instead of finding another job he started a ebay business, not only did he overcome his financial problem during this difficult time but his income doubled and he turned this into a full time family business. He now works for himself and proudly says he is his own boss. As the UK’s and World economy is going through a difficult time at the moment because of the recession many people are turning to online auction to soften the blow if they work for a company that is downsizing and they are made to redundant. Not only is it a way to generate more money for your household, it can also lead to more satisfaction with the work you're doing (and help you grow closer as a family).

Since I have started trading on ebay I have completed over 3,000 transactions. I have sold many items from information products, collectibles, mobiles phones, records to old computer consoles. I am now a powerseller on ebay with a feedback score of 3120 (98.8%) and registered as a business seller. I regularly sell between 3 to 10 items per day and hoping to expand as I go along. My main aim is to convert it into a full time business and become one of those titanium sellers on ebay (these guys are big time sellers who generates thousands and millions on ebay selling products every seconds.).

Mahbubur Rahman


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Teresa Laurente 6 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Thank you for this great information.

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