Step by step method of how to make good first impression on your first day of new job

I have judged many peoples searching for creating great first impression on their new job and they are too sensitive to take start from the first day, I think they are right that because they know how first impression matters in human life, we humans want to impress others on every moment of our life so that we can get what we want easily.

 No one in this world want that others dislike him/her, every one is struggling to make their image better in others sight, all these reasons convince a human to focus on impressions he/ she should give to others and the story of giving good impressions start from the first impression in every new field of life one enter.

This article is simply related to new job holders who want to know what to do on the first day in the office or at work because they are going to do it first time in their life and much confused and have questions to ask the experience ones and searching for the persons who can advise them how to enter their new life and help them.

The reason of writing this article is to help my people worried for starting of their job career, but the strongest reason is to create a good and great first impression on my readers of my research and my content so I can be liked by readers and may they read my other posts too (if they really get help form my post). I simply want to say that I want to write for humans not for the search engines and computers, if you see any thing left please help me to edit this post by your comments.

I had searched some blogs and books to get help in writing the article more I have my on experience of creating a first impression on first day of new job.

I am trying my best to make this article much easier and helpful to you, so don’t worry its just a play of first day and you will create a good and great first impression on your job and going to get a carrier of your own dreams. Let’s take a look

Preparation for the first day of job

First thing to notice for creating good first impression on first day of your new job is to focus on your dressing, it’s a simple matter not to be worry about that.


Want to know a few samples for your office dress, it’s so simple to take a look of some dresses you like to wear on job, search on Google, yahoo and see many sample dresses according to your personality, nature, gender etc.

Be careful to choose decent dress, casual dresses look awkward in the office and working environment, even bosses mostly like to see employees in simple and graceful dressing. The first thing matters in your first impression on your first job is how you look like, it’s a language which we can’t speak we just have to present ourselves, so speak through your body and your look that you are eligible for the new job.

I think I have said more then enough about dressing, I know many of you already know what dress you have to chose, my purpose of this heading of dressing is just to remind some simple and casual “already known” suggestions to you.

Setting your look

As many of you already know how to look like fresh and active so maintain your look fresh, if not search for your question, hope you find many useful suggestions from many experts as I am unable to suggest you because I am not expert in that field . Focus on how to look fresh for the whole day. A fresh looking person can create much more good first impression because others don’t feel irritation from a good and fresh looking person and like to sit and treat with him.

Use things that enhance your first impression, like bracelet, watches, nice belts etc

Mental preparation

I think you have nothing more to do in mental preparation for the first day of job, just satisfy your mind, keep it normal, judge your emotions, wishes and handle them wisely like a mature. Keep your mind normal and active; don’t indulge in deep thinking so you wall be able to focus on new tasks that day to create good first impression.

Actually mental preparation depends on the new job holder that how to set his/her mind for new job but don’t to be much worried and sensitive about that, just keep your self normal,  professional and ready to face any type of situation.

Going to job on first day

Giving final touch to your thoughts of presenting yourself

On the way to job prepare your mind for the great first impression, try to keep your mind fresh either you are in a vehicle or on foot. Think for new ideas about your work, profession and knowledge. Pray for your good first impression on your new career and pray for your job career. Enjoy your suspense, excitement, emotions and questions in your mind.

Things to focus on the way to job on first day

Your sincerity and maturity

You timings of smile and giving others a fresh look

Your preparation to face any type of situation and environment

Your confidence maintaining and avoiding over smartness

Your positivity

Your wish to deal well with others

Your desire to create good first impression on new job

Giving a good first impression by your entrance in office or work place

I think many of my readers already know that how much first sight, first few minutes matters in giving first impression to anyone and if one wants to make great first impression, one must know the things to do in those first sights and first minutes to get his/her goal

How to act in first five minutes

As you enter your work place or office, observe the environment and then start to meeting with everyone, I am quite sure that you will get someone in the office who may guide you, so meet everyone with sweet smile and shake hand firmly, be confident, serious and run your mind on its top speed and start observing. Meeting with everyone is purely professional, don’t be over efficient or don’t over react.

It’s so simple when you will on the situation, there you will got miracle of power to do all this more I assure you that you can do much better then I am suggesting, make amendments in my suggestions and go for your own wonderful experience

Observing others from their face expressions and eyes

May you had observed that after entrance I am giving much focus on observing, the reason is that environment and rules of every organization, office and of every work place is different so by observing you can handle the situations immediately, my article is just general it has nothing to specify because I am writing for everyone but there are exceptional cases.

Giving introduction to your seniors

Observe your colleagues and boss, officers, supervisor or manager, read their faces as much as you can, don’t be free with them in just a moment, feel comfortable, don’t hyper, be patient to know answers of questions in your mind, be calm and cool.

Now give them a preformatted introduction in your mind, just answer their questions. Don’t ask immediately any unnecessary questions. Don’t give impression of irritation form new environment; try to understand the work ad office as much as you can.

Giving introduction to your colleagues

Giving your introduction to your colleagues is a little different form giving introduction to your seniors and boss; they don’t ask about you before your boss instead they might take you in their gathering and then frankly ask you about yourself, give them answers comfortably and clearly as you give your introduction to a person in your non-professional life. Deal friendly with them but don’t be free with on the first day (if you are over confident, if not you automatically act like a little shy person from the new environment and this can be good.


Being cooperative with your colleagues

Start helping them or just stay with them, to create a good first impression and to avoid any odd situation to you, if no specific task is given to you on the first day your job.

Hub in incomplete and still under construction, I want to do this according to the needs of my readers, please help me by your comments

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