Step by step process of building your good and a great first impression at new job

Making your good and great first impression on your new job is a little bit difficult but its isn’t hard you just need to know few terms to handle your first job, your seniors, colleagues and trouble makers mainly. First impression in office and professional life doesn’t need a day, it take few days to expose your personality to others so you have to plan a little longer to make good great first impression on job.

Here I have simple points to suggest you how to build your first impression in step by step process of few days.

Control on your senses, don’t hyper and fed up, I suggest you to mix up with your work don’t hate your job or boss from start; it might become hard for you to stay more in the office.

Make your look more attractive by doing shave, haircutting, hair coloring, makeup and what ever you use to look decent and attractive because attraction helps a lot in creating a good first impression.

Give your dressing a look of suitable job holder, use things that look simple decent and nice, don’t try to use ugly or casual dressing and be look like a mature.

Keenly observe every new person you meet and try to figure out his personality thinking and interests, so you can easily accept and deal well with him/her, it’s a great tip to be social in office.

Don’t expose yourself to others in just few meetings; it’s like to be fool or to be innocent.

As that’s your new job and you have to give good impressions in front of your seniors and boss, so do same as what they ask with a smiling face.

Mix up with your colleagues understand them give them your introduction in a nice and acceptable way, remember believe everyone but trust no one.

Agree with your seniors or boss in the matters of doing work, give them a time so you can understand them and they can understand you.

Try to agree with seniors on “how to do work” and “in which style work can be done” don’t try to invent your own in the beginning of your job, just listen and do.

Don’t allow others to degrade you because of less experience or less known to work, if any trouble maker does this, deal with him just like a fox deal with a tiger because you already know he is experienced in his/her work and job, has approach and power so don’t mess up but search other ways to handle him/her.

Making a look of serious, mature, wise, gentle, follower, decent and well informed is the key to make your great first impression on job.

Remember don’t free with others in the start because it takes time to judge someone and more I suggest you that please don’t share your secrets and weak points in the office.

Give a check on what you speak and where you speak and then try to make better speak.

Always keep in mind while moving tongue in the office that it’s not an institution nor your home neither your community so every word that come out of your lips is screened by you otherwise it may dug a hole in your first impression.

Take body as a shop and your mouth as the door, when door opens others can see what exist inside so be careful in making your good first impression.

Along with this give a check to your face impressions and body language they can show your personality to others before you talk.

Keeps your face smiling where you need smile, showing others that you are happy, you have no objections and you are cooperative? This is the notice to others that all is well.

Don’t laugh so much its gives a look of non serious immature person and gives a down fall to your first impression.

Give check on your sitting, standing walking and working style. I warn you that eyes in the starting days of your job are observing you and they automatically get the first impression of your personality so be careful and be sensitive.

Interest in the work also automatically observed by your seniors, so don’t take it lightly concentrate on what you are doing, try to understand your work and give and impression of responsible person.

Consciously or unconsciously your boss tries to make check on you and observe that how much you are obedient, sincere, responsible, hard working so show these properties to your boss as much as you can because everyone knows that greatest first impression is impressing the boss.

A great thing to remember is that in making good first impression don’t over react its worst of all it will ruin your first impression and all your efforts go waste.

Don’t try to be smart. Keep in mind that others sitting in front of you aren’t kids so be wise and gentle, keep yourself simple.

The main technique is to hide yourself in first era and when things comes to your favor then start describing you to others by your talks and acts.

The work in offices and workplaces are usually of routine type, first try to understand your job and be expert in it then you may try to make any exploring and research, don’t do it first of all because your seniors don’t like the change so rapidly.

Taking so much leaves in the starting days also create a bad sign to your first impression

Caution: don’t try to be so free with your officers or boss in first year of your job. Usually it doesn’t end well.

Prevent yourself from any unnecessary mess up.

Keep your mind relax and fresh at job so you can apply your efforts to create a great first impression.

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