Steps in Job Analysis

Steps in Job Analysis

Steps in Job Analysis

Steps in Job Analysis

Below are six steps in doing job analysis:

Step number 1: Decide how you will use the data information, since this will determine the data you collect and how you collect them.

Some data collection methods such as interviewing the employee and asking job entail. Another methods, like position analysis questionnaire.

Step number 2: Review relevant background information such as organization charts, job descriptions and process charts. Organization chart shows the organization wide division of work, how the job in question relates to other jobs, and where the job fits in the whole organization. A process chart provides more detailed picture of the work flow.

Finally, the existing job description usually provides a starting point for building the revised job description.

Step number 3: Selecting representative positions: Because there may be too many similar jobs to analyze.

Step number 4: Actually analyze the job: By collecting data information on job activities, required employee working conditions, human traits, abilities and employee behaviors.

Step number 5: Verify the job analysis information with the employee performing the job and with his/her supervisor.

Step number 6: Develop job description and specification. Both of them are two tangible products of job analysis. Job description is a written statement that describes the activities and responsibilities of the job and also working conditions and safety hazards. Job specifications underline the personal qualities, skills, traits, background required for the job needed.

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