Struggles of a Scentsy consultant


Just like any business, there are struggles with everything. It’s not different with selling Scentsy. I know there are benefits in selling Scentsy. I see it and that’s why I became a Scentsy consultant. However, I will tell you how about the struggles I face in this Scentsy Candle business.

First and foremost, the Scentsy products are great. And they really sell themselves. That’s the easy part.

To me the first struggle is handling owning your business. Even though Scentsy has taken a load off by handling the operations side and each order is drop shipped to your customers, there are still other business items to take care of. I think adjustment to having your own business is a challenge, especially if you’ve never owned a business. My advice to you is this: take your time and be easy on yourself. Many businesses take awhile to make money. Eventually, all businesses make money – you just need to hang in there. Once you accept that it takes time to grow the Scentsy business then, you would feel much better.

Then there are the sales. How to get them? There are tons of ways to get sales. Start with family and friends. Then venture on the web. Nowadays people are buying more and more online. Look into getting your Scentsy website on search engines and using social media to get your name out there. Since there is so much activities on the web – it may take time to get your name out there – so please be patience.

Now, getting a Scentsy team or having your own team. To me, it is up to you whether you just want to sell or recruit people to sell for you – this is purely up to you. However, you get more commission, the more people you have and the more they sell. For me, this is quite a difficult task because of the stigma against network marketing. However, if they love the Scentsy product, why not tell them about selling Scentsy with you? Sometimes, people have their own struggles about sales and they fear it. And you can take them with for Scentsy parties or trade shows and let them see firsthand what it’s like to sell Scentsy.

All in all, I still struggle with my Scentsy business to this day. Just like other businesses, Scentsy is no different in terms of competition. Not only will you be competing with other Scentsy consultants, but also with other Candle businesses. So, be aware and stay aware. It’s your business and the harder you work at it, most likely the rewards will come be reaped. Remember when you start out, you are planting seeds and seeds take time to grow. As your seeds grow, you will start to see the fruits of your labor.

I’m not here to give you anything magical, just dedication and working smarter will help your Scentsy business.


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