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I was asked a few weeks ago, How does someone become a success in Business and Life. Well, As I have ventured into many endeavors, in my life, I have found one constant regarding those people who are both successful and not so successful in their lives. This constant is the ability to follow someone who is also successful in life and business.

I have ran the gammot of methods in building a successful life, by following the examples of others whom I feel are successful. That could be success in areas such as family, happiness, wealth, job or career aspirations or what ever you think you need to build success in.

Well as a lot of people are wanting to build a relationship on line, and build a business to support their families on line, there are also sharks out there whom are wanting to take their dreams away. This article is going to discuss some aspects of achieving actual success on line, and some aspects of how the sharks will try to "drain" you of your dreams.

To Duplicate or Not to Duplicate

 To Duplicate someone, is not a bad thing if you are wanting to improve the quality of any feature or aspect of your life.  That is also true, when we are trying to build an internet business, a 'brick and mortar' business, or any other business.  The best ways to build a business, especially when you have very little experience, is to use a model that is totally and easily replicated, time and time again!

Why? Well as important as it is to duplicate success you have to realize that there is a point that you have to give back.  By giving back, you have to mentor or show someone, who is wishing to build a buisiness but having problems, to duplicate you and your accomplishments.  Some would call this 'paying it forward', others would call it simply doing good business.

People are People, Not Numbers

 People are people, not numbers!  I say again, people are not numbers, they are feeling living and breathing people who have dreams and goals, to improve their lives.

No matter what business you are in, if you take care of your customers and their customers, you will be successful.  Yes, it may take some time, it may take some money, and patience, but the act of actually reaching out to help others to improve their lives will bring income and success to your life.  There is not any special potions or formula other than taking care of those whom come into your life.

Building Business Success

 Okay, you are looking to build business success, on line. Why?  I dont mean the why as in looking for the answer to your needs of money, or material things.  I mean what is going to keep you driving forward, when things get bad or are slow?  What is your motivation, instead of what material goods you are looking for, the answer should be your core drive that will weather good and bad times.

Let me explain!  I opened my business to help me make money, of course I did!  But I also had something else in mind.  I was wishing to help some of my neighbors to support their families.  i know that sounds trite or what ever title you wish to put on it.  However, my motivation was to help.  How was my opening the business going to help my neighbors?  Okay, I will share this with you.

My neighbor is not computer saavy!  not at all!  He is not an idle person; he works hard to support his wife and three year old daughter. But like most people out there, he was not making enough to keep up with expenses and his core needs. 

Duplicate, Duplicate, Duplicate Success!

 So, in order to ensure his ability to duplicate my successes, I had to find something which was truely open to being duplicated, and then duplicated again and yet which could be put up quickly to fit his lack of time.  Another reason I selected this business, was the ability to be put on theoretic "auto-pilot" so he would not have to miss or lose work.

You see the ability to be duplicated allows him to easily mentor others, quickly when they buy the products I put on the site.  When he gets stuck, he has a resource to get him unstuck, as well as his clients.  

Dont fall for those schemes of internet wealth, like I did on the premise of getting rich. But instead of that, look for things that you can assure your clients and customers, is easy to duplicate.  Then as a business owner either be available to coach them in some areas, or be able to give them resources to get answers they will absolutely have, to resolve thier issues.

I appreciate your reading this.  I invite you to visit my site and see what all is there.  We offer many types of ready to go programs and services, not just the one on the page in the link above.  If you have questions, simply scroll to the bottom of any page and click on contact me.

Thank you again for listening to my slant on internet success.

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