Supermarket Courtesy

We expect children to be messy, but when the mess they make hampers other customers, we would hope that parents would help clean up after them.
We expect children to be messy, but when the mess they make hampers other customers, we would hope that parents would help clean up after them. | Source


Customers love a clean store, but many contribute to the mess. Trash cans are located throughout the store, outside entrances, in lobbies, in restrooms and in most departments. Ashtrays are also available outside entrances. Please be courteous and dispose of your gum, cigarette butts and other trash in the appropriate receptacles rather than dropping it on the floor, in carts, on tables or among merchandise. If you or your children have a party in your cart, clean it out afterward so it's ready for the next customer. Try to keep your children from rubbing their hands all over the windows and please don't let them wrap thirty twist ties around the cart.

Spills are commonplace in stores and we expect to clean up many. However, if we don't know that you dropped a jar of applesauce or a pint of berries, we can't take care of the spill. If you drop something, let an employee know right away so we can avoid accidents and injury. Don't be embarrassed--it happens to everyone at one time or another.

Cart Courtesy

Carts of different sizes are available for customer use, but on busy days we may not have the size or type you prefer. We are more likely to have your preferred basket or cart available if every customer that takes one puts it back where they got it instead of leaving it in the middle of a department, at the end of checkout lanes or beside their car. Cart corrals are provided throughout the parking lot to make it easier for utility workers to retrieve them and to keep carts from banging into other vehicles.

A limited number of motorized carts are available for disabled customers. They are not toys for children to play on. Every minute they are unplugged and not charging is a minute that a customer who really needs them is unable to shop. If they are left outside in the rain, they are likely to be in the back room awaiting repair for several weeks. When several customers are waiting to use one, we do our best to track them down on a first come, first served basis. When there are several available, they are parked in a row in front of electrical outlets. Please don't shove carts in front of them. That makes it even more difficult for disabled customers to use them.

Parking Lot Courtesy

Much of the courtesy that should take place in the parking lot is covered under Cleanliness and Carts. Using the cart corrals, returning motorized carts to the store and using waste receptacles and ashtrays help keep the lot clean and convenient for other customers.

Pulling up in front of the store to drop someone off is acceptable, but parking there or in front of the bottle room causes problems for customers and employees. Using the store parking lot to empty your garbage or dispose of bags of garbage (yes, people do this regularly!) is also discourteous. And although everyone knows that the law prohibits parking in handicapped spots to anyone without a permit or special license plate, several people are still tempted to pull into those preferred spaces for "just a minute." This causes a huge struggle for the customers those spots are intended for.

Please don't leave your small children or pets in your vehicle on a hot summer day. Yes, we know you're only running in for a minute, but as all shoppers know, that minute can turn into and hour in the blink of an eye, and anything can happen in a minute.

Store Amenities Courtesy

Many supermarkets have eating areas, benches, vending machines and penny pony rides. Most customers are courteous when using these areas but a few are trying to ruin it for everyone. Please don't stick gum under the tables, chairs and benches or carve your name in them. When customers leave a pile of pennies underneath the penny pony for free rides for the children, don't pick them up and stick them in your pocket or allow your children to do so.

It doesn't take much effort to keep the places you shop in the condition you want them to be. A little common courtesy should do the trick.

Common Courtesy

Shopping can be a stressful, draining experience. We understand that, but please don't yell at us for things that are beyond our control. We are happy to call a manager to address your concerns, but it's really not our fault that the bottle return machine is broken, all the small carts are in use or that the truck delivering the raspberries didn't come in yet. We will do our best to fix all issues that we can, but since we are human, we will try harder if you don't call us names.

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peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 17 months ago from Home Sweet Home

ah yes, the cars should be clamp for parking at the parking lot for disable.

catwhitehead profile image

catwhitehead 17 months ago Author

It's so hard to see thoughtless people further handicap already struggling customers, peachpurple.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 14 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

very well-written and with such flair. Wonderful topic and also a very-needed topic for everyone who tries to mind their own business. Keep up the great work.

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