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Since my last blog I have been busy creating my new The business model was created on saving the customers as much money as possible on the goods that they want to buy.Offering them everything in the High Street in the comfort of there own home.

Having saved over £300 myself using voucher codes during the credit crunch.I had the idea that i wanted to create a cash saving website.With the basis that it fully supports the smaller retailers who where having a rough time through the credit crunch many where facing closing and with the bigger brands putting the squeeze on even more as they too struggled to balance the books the smaller retailer felt the pinch more. within the 5 months of me launching it now has over 30,000 fantastic money saving vouchers this is growing every day and with 1000 stores on board already this figure is set to increase offering you more choice and more fantastic savings on the things you wish to buy.Your everyday purchases can be reduced by using one of Supersaversclubs discounts

I added the printable section aiming this at the smaller retailers to use it as a powerful marketing tool to increase your sales.Used the right way this section can increase your sales

By simply offering the customer a printable voucher that they take into your store increases your sales and also the amount of people coming through your door.This section works for every size business model, from Restaurants and Public houses to B&B guest takeaways to the Local car service centres.even the corner shop can all benefit from using it as a marketing tool to increase your sales with very little effort. you to reach a much bigger market place to sell your products and services.We are a small business our self but we are fast growing every week as more and more people find how easy it is to save money by checking out first before they shop online.

I am currently making a I-Phone App so you can get discounts direct from your phone.Remember that many retailers sell items at higher prices in the store and the same item could be cheaper online so its worth checking first before hand it could save you a bundle of cash.

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Thank you for reading my latest blog, Its been while since i wrote one hope that one day i can save you money when you next shop online or in the high street.Would love to hear from you if you used our website and saved money.

If you know of a struggling small retailer let them know about us we are here to support them.

Best wishes


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