the birth of a capitalist

I was called a capitalist by this fellow the other day,I never really thought of myself as a capitalist.But now that I think about it, I am a capitalist.The word "capitalist" for some reason sounds so ugly,it kinda sounds like profanity.But capitalist is the name I've been given in my 4 weeks of hubbing on hub-pages.Sometimes it takes someone to hold up a mirror for you to really see yourself.I wasn't always a capitalist.I've worked all my life,and was very content on working until retirement.BUT it seems I've been caught in a cycle of working and then being let go and drawing unemployment.I have worked for 22 years and in the last 5 years this is the third time I've been on unemployment.Bear with me please,I want to give you some insight on how a blue collar guy can turn into a full blown fire breathing capitalist.In the 90's I was working for a textile plant.I received regular pay raises and I was promoted quickly to manager trainee.I would train in all the departments to learn all the different things it would take to run each department.Training was for 6 months.At the end of my training I was on unemployment for the first time looking for another job.I found a job very quickly.I received more pay and instead of working 40 hours a week I was now working 12 hour days 5 days a week.I was alright with that.I would just have fun on the weekends I told myself.I worked there for a while,and everything was great.Then the company came up with the idea of cutting all benefits and giving everyone a pay-raise.I didn't like it but I went along because I had just moved into a three bedroom house with a big front yard and a even bigger backyard.Needless to say that was not enough,the company let go 250 people in one week.I learned about the lay off by watching the news on a Friday after i got off of work."I'm glad i still have my job"is what i thought to myself.I go to work Monday,arrive to my department,and everything and everyone is gone.Even the machines are gone.ONE BIG EMPTY room with little patches on the floor from where they had pressure washed the machines and moved them out.I stood there looking at one big empty room.I went outside to the smoking area,fired up a smoke and called the supervisor.He came to my department and told me I was 1 of the 250 that had been layed off,they forgot to call me.I didn't worry about it.I went and filed unemployment and began to hunt for yet another job.THE COMPANY tried to deny my claim,and i ended up burning up 3 grand in savings in about 2 months,trying to keep my place.I won and received my unemployment,but LOST my place.THE COMPANY ended up closing down and moving over sea's because they could no longer remain "competitive" in America.BUT the straw that broke the camel's back was my last job.My last job really opened my eyes to the state of the economy and the true workforce in America.I was the lead man in my department,I had a crew of 5 guys in my department that i was responsible for.The company came to me and asked me did i have any ideas to improve my department's productivity.I DID.And I shared them.The company started saving 100,000 a month off of my idea,the company started seeing profits off of my idea.THE company started paying everyone in my department monthly bonus checks generated by profits that was the unseen result of MY IDEA.I was very happy because the company was now looking to promote someone to supervisor and run the department.I thought for sure that it would be me.Then one day I sent this kid I was training to the copier to copy some forms that i needed,One of the executives See's the young guy making copies and tells my supervisor"that kid is taking the initiative."My supervisor comes to me and tells me that the guy that I am training is going to become the supervisor over the department that i am running,a kid that has only been there for 2 months,and still in training.Not only the supervisor over a department that i reshaped from a minus to plus,but that they would have to let me go.When i asked him why?the only thing he could say was"Well he's 24 and can work the copier..."So i was let go because I was 37 years old in other words.HERE I AM.unemployed again.searching for a last job.from here on out i am investing in myself. "EVERY NOW AND THEN SAY WHAT THE HECK.WHAT THE HECK GIVES YOU FREEDOM.FREEDOM BRINGS OPPORTUNITY.OPPORTUNITY MAKES YOUR FUTURE." what the heck.that is how a capitalist is born.

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repstrydiefly profile image

repstrydiefly 6 years ago from Ohio

that's interesting man, I just joined the Capitalist crowd as well at 19 years old. Keep up the good work and I'm digging the videos that you post, very informative. You should check out my new hubs, and thanks again for becoming a fan. I'm new so please try to be as skeptical as possible to my hubs. peace and one luv

bill yon profile image

bill yon 6 years ago from sourcewall Author

thanx for dropping in.

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