How and where i learned a life skill

well at first like many people over the last 24 months or so i was made redundant from my job and i was scared of how I'm going to pay my bills and morgage once the redundancy money ran out so i was like many people scouring the Internet daily and at the job centre every other day. As someone that has been in work since i left school i didn't no the first thing about looking for jobs and i also scared me thinking that i may not have a job for days, weeks or months but i was determined to find a job to suit me and my skills i would never of given up.

So after a few weeks of searching and finding nothing i was getting desperate thinking that i would be know as a drain on society i started to look for ways of getting skills and thought i would have a bigger chance of getting a job.

As it turns out i have always being interestedin plastering but always thought you would have to train for at least a year or so to even think about trying it as a business but as it turns out i couldn't have been more wrong i started to search the Internet for collage courses in plastering but a full course would cost money which i was fine about as i knew nothing is for free but it was a time issue the course was a year long and i need something now so i carried on looking and stumbled across many websites which claimed to make you a plaster within a week of intense training but there was one website as i was searching that stood out more than the others called "THE DIY SCHOOL" so i started to look into it and it seemed a good well respected school the reviews was good and the price was not to high either.

So i thought i would take the plunge i did how ever phone the school just to make sure it wasn't a con or scam i spoke to a polite man who assured me that it was no scam and i would learn alot if i participated in the course so after all my searches i think i finally found the place for me so i payed the fee and went on the 3 day intense course.

When i got there to my amazement there was only a few other people 5 including me the reason for this is so the teacher could help everyone individually thay were really down to earth people had a lath and i had a reilly fun time as well as learning a life skill i picked it up fairly quickly but i had to in order to do the job i wanted to do and i left confident enough that i would be fine to do this on my own.

As it stands now i earn alot of money a week doing something i love and all thanks to the Diy School with the low fees and outstanding teaching and knowledge of the trade i would recommend this to anybody who is looking for something more creative to do with there life.


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