If this introduction reads like a hype for Wordpress, let us assure you that it is not. It can not be helped, though. Wordpress has quality inbuilt in it by its very nature and it needs to be told. Besides, the reader of this article should know why he/she should embark upon setting up a Wordpress account and get deeply involved in it. After all, readers have choices galore to spend their time usefully online. Article directories are replete with success stories that expound the advantages that one could hope to achieve in Wordpress compared to other such websites. You may even get some first hand accounts from your friends. Before setting up a wordpress blog, it is only fair that you be sure of why you should do it. So, the merits first and then about how to set up a Wordpress blog.

Another important trend that has come to have a bearing on why Wordpress is more beneficial is the way Google has changed its valuation system. Link building that was the standard practice among bloggers has been steadily losing its value in Google's eyes. Rather than relying upon links to assess the merits of a blog, Google now analyzes the contents of a blog to direct the visitors. The algorithms are being updated all the time in keeping with this policy.

Within a span of 8 years after being set up by Matt Mullenweg in 2003, Wordpress has become the dominant Content Management System powering 22% of websites that are started anew. Wordpress is being utilized by more than 14% of the top one million sites in Alexa's reckoning.

Wordpress is versatile in its applications. Installing one theme does not mean you are stuck with it. You can change the theme at will. Without worrying about altering your content, you can change the way your blog looks and the way you had set up functionalities. Additionally, you can also edit PHP and HTML codes in order to subject the themes to customizations you desire. The more than 17,000 plugins enable you to work on many applications like adding widgets and SEO optimization.

Wordpress has an integrated link management that displays a permalink structure and can be used to get maximum benefits from search engines operations. An article in other sites can be reached by links that use Pingback and Trackback standards.

Wordpress has won many accolades. Some of them are Packt Open source CMS award in 2007, Packt Best Open Source CMS award in 2009, Hall of Fame CMS in 2010, Open SourceWeb App of the Year Award in 2011. These coveted awards seem to come Wordpress' way as a matter of routine.

Wordpress is not all businesslike in its approach to its activities. Its releases bear the names of famous Jazz legends like Brecker and Contrane and many others.

After initial hiccups pertaining to security concerns, wordpress has now been fortified in the security department and is far more less likely to be tampered with. WP Security, WB Security Scan and the like make sure of this.

Now that we know what makes the difference between Wordpress and other competitors, let us go whole hog and learn how to set up a wordpress blog easily.

An online presence, for various reasons, is desired by many including probably you, the reader. More people than not are put off by the thought that the task of making their presence felt will require the services of web designers, spending of considerable amounts of money, a series of brainstorming sessions and many other complicated procedures that have to be gone through. Relax, my friend. None of this is needed. It is a simple task that is almost a child's play. Well, ok, at least an adolescent's play!

You can forget about having no knowledge of coding HTML or CSS. Wordpress software can take care of this and optimize your blog for SEO, RSS Feeds and stores like

Presumably, you have a hosting account. You may set up one easily if you do not have one. You must follow the simple steps given below to set up an independent Wordpress blog or your own website.

The setting up procedure is completely non-technical and you can go about it with complete ease and set it up. In case you are stuck somewhere, which is unlikely, you can always refer back here.

You can find an icon that says Fantastico or Fantastico DeLuxe in the cPanel into which you must log in first. It has a happy face you find everywhere like shirt buttons. When you click on it, you have become privy to many programs that you can add. The click will lead you to a question that will ask you where you want the new installation. This is where you chose a URL like or or some such domain name that you have in our account.

There are self-guided boxes which will ask you for your username and password. This action completes your blog creation. Now you simply log in to your brand new blog at something like

You should give the credentials that you set us earlier here. Your blog is now ready for you to what you want to do with it. There are a number of tools free templates that will encourage you to customize your blog. Choose the best topic that will cover the content matter that you want your blog to have and fill the blog with more and more relevant information. When your blogging acquires an earnestness that a visitor will relate to and makes him stay on for a while, you have almost achieved your goal. It is a matter of minutes before he/she is immersed in your writing. All it matters is your erudition with written word and the ability to refine what you wrote. The search engine optimization you had implanted within the blog entries will make sure that more and more traffic comes you blog's way. An exponential growth is what you will achieve in a short time.

We can tell you that a good knowledge about how to optimize a blog for monetization is necessary if you want Wordpress to give you returns that you expect and beyond.


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