Take a breath... Count to 3.... Now talk.

You think I'm lying.

Try it.

Especially the next time you're in a situation dealing with a customer.

Well for starters... I have two jobs and I go to school full time. I have a workstudy job and I also have a convenient store job. So I'm constantly dealing with customers. For every basket of customers you will have a few that will treat you HORRIBLE.

Today at work was going smooth, going nice and everything.

Until. . .

This hispanic ( I am not prejudice against anyone, I have the BIGGEST heart that there is). Well, He wanted to check out so (I'm new at this job) I didn't know how to check him out so I went over to the computer, fiddled with it a little bit and gave him his card back. He got mad because he said I didn't check him out. I was the only one there at the time. My manager had gone on break. So it was just me.

He constantly was asking for the manager. I talked to him calmly and was just like "sir' she is on her way etc..." That didn't satisfy him. I wasn't trying to upset him. It's just the fact that he could have went about it a different way.

Plus, I couldn't understand a THING he was saying! I can speak a little bit of spanish thanks to my spanish classes. But my goodness. He was talking so fast and it was spanish, I was so confused. I seriously couldn't understand what he was saying.

Well to make a long story short. He mumbled under his breath about how "stupid americans are" So... guys, I'm sorry. I'm aware that it's my fault that hispanics hate americans ALL because of me. All because I couldn't check him out he hates me. So now he hates ALL americans. I do apologize.


Oh what a day what a day.

I'm thankful to have seen today.

But my my my

What a day...

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dodgethis profile image

dodgethis 5 years ago

Sorry to hear you had such a hard customer to handle... but on the bright side I was very entertained by your recount of the situation! :) At the end I just had to laugh! Thanks for sharing!

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