Take it Like a Professional

Take it Like a Professional

There are moments when the client makes you feel like you personally are to blame.

Ever been there? Sure, we all have. Not really a fun place to be.

Lets say that you are the Business Developement Manger for your company and its your job to go out and make sales through building relationshps with clients. You do a great job but today a client of Yours isn't in the best mood.

Since you are the contact for this person, yes, it is on you to fix this.

Remember that complaints are opportunites. Look very differently at clients in this manner.

The client is very upset and its simply "not pretty" and you really are taking a beating for something that you know could have been prevented with better service on your "front end" as well as the back end.

Remember one thing: You get PAID to be able to handle this.

No matter how upset a client is, don't take anything the client says personally. Its not about you its about the company as a whole. Clients are rarely ever upset about ONE thing, once given the opportunity to be "heard" they will expatiate every MIFF they have.

Pay attention to the words that express emotion because they are the ones that you need to focus on. These words are the actuall trigger for the situation that you are in.

Take it all like a professional because that is what you are.

Don't get emotional and make sure that you take care of it, right down to the follow up. If it something that be fixed on the spot, do it. Politely excuse yourself to do so. Always take it like a pro.

"Mr Smith, Thankyou for coming to me I can take care of this right now if you would mind having a seat for a few minutes. I will be back to let you know that its been handled."

Did our person just Thank the Client ? Yes> Huh? Exactly!

If it something that you can't handle on the spot...

"Mr Smith thanks your for coming to me. I would happy to get this straightened out for you. I know you have a busy schedule, do you have a cell number where I can call you so you can get back to work while I take care of this. I will call you immediately as soon as I get it taken care of which should be no later than_______"

Does this really work? Like magic and YOU aren't the problem, YOU are always the Resolution. Remember that!

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