Teacher's Day Special: My Teacher, My Hero

Everyday, in every doors of each rooms we pass by, we see them teaching the young minds. Everyday, they give a better future on each kid sitting on the armchair, learning how beautiful life is. Every hour, we hear them talking, giving advices, on how to live and dream well. They taught us to be a better person. They taught us the right direction, taught us what is right and what is wrong, gave us knowledge on what life is all about. And may I present you our Teachers, our Everyday Heroes.

They play a big and important role in our community as well as in our lives. They gave us their time, to learn and to develop emotionally, mentally and socially. Sometimes, when our parents are away, we can always run to their shoulders, and cry, ask for their ears to hear our heartbeats.They molded us, through their loving and caring hands. Loved us like more than anything else. They helped us to be strong, strong like rocks and to stand up every time we fall, and sometimes, when we stumble in our way to our dreams, they are there beside us, ready to lend their arms, to help us stand up and learn that life is not easy, not a fantasy instead a reality. Teachers are sort of wake up call, they make us realize that life is a game, sometimes you win and sometime you lose.

If we'll only look deeply into their hearts, we will see how beautiful their hearts are. We will be able to understand why they are here in this world. They are here not only to teach us, but to care and love us. Because without their love and care, no one in this world would bother to teach us and no one among us will know how to develop healthily. No one in this world would know how to read, to read others feelings towards us, how to write, to write the things we could not say and compute, to multiply the good things we did.

Without them, we are nothing. Without them, we know nothing. Without them we will never be someone we aim to be. Because without them, our way to victory is dark and empty.

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jeezel n. aguilar 5 years ago

sobra ang astig

jamie caryl 5 years ago

how nice naman po

that's really good

IndiHeray profile image

IndiHeray 5 years ago from Somewhere Asia Author

thanks jamie caryl and jeezel aguilar. :D

unknown 3 years ago

All our teachers are very loving heroes

aaaaaa 3 years ago


bridget buela 3 years ago

happy teacher's day

darlyn sexon 2 years ago

nice ang ganda :)

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