Teachers Wanting a Career Change

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Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.com

What could a teacher do?

Pretty much anything! Nowadays it's not uncommon for anyone to to decide to change careers. What seems more common are teachers looking for a career change. The question becomes, what to do now?

There are many things a teacher can do without having to further his or her own education. They could stay within the educational career by going for a position at the District Office, or become a principal, or run for Board of Education. Even more popular is tutoring.

With tutoring teachers can do one of two things: open a private tutoring business or join an existing one. There are many to chose from and most require a credential to even be considered. Tutoring services tend to have flexible hours for their tutors. Some even offer 2 hours a day.

For teachers looking to leave the educational career behind, an ever rising choice seems to be real estate. Becoming an agent has become easy. Companies like Century 21, First Team Real Estate, and others have training programs available for people looking to enter the real estate career. Real estate, whether the market is up or down, is a booming business. It grows more and more popular because our population and our demand for homes grows everyday.

Becoming a writer is also an option. Or an editor or copy editor. You can even do these things from home if you find the right company to work with. Be careful about scams. There are a lot out there. A good rule of thumb, you shouldn't have to pay to view job listings for "work-at-home." Never.

For those not interested in any of these, consider thinking about what your hobbies are. Do you like to make things from wood? You can craft items and open your own furniture store. Or whatever you love to do. There are millions of possibilities out there. And the demand for all of it is growing.

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Michael 8 years ago

I'm a teacher looking for a career change. Actually, I find that it's pretty hard. My resume is quite one dimensional. And although teachers don't make too much money, it's difficult to find entry-level work with comparable pay.

AlwaysLearning profile image

AlwaysLearning 8 years ago from London

I was so busy being a teacher that I hardly had time for any hobbies!

I've never considered real estate but that might be something to look into.

Dylan Thomas profile image

Dylan Thomas 7 years ago from New York City

Take a career assessment test to get some ideas.

Appleworm 6 years ago

I dislike teaching after 9 years. I am

a private person and prefer to

work with a few people at a time and to make others look good. I'm glad this article is on the Internet.

ANN 6 years ago

I'm sorry but teaching nowadays is sooooo different to what it was 10 years ago... It has drained my energy and I dream about doing something bringing more tangible results...

brownin329 6 years ago

I am a special education teacher also looking to get out of special education because I never wanted to be here in teh first place. My initial goal was to use this degree to move into speech but after two years of school and two years of teaching I am tired of school and need a break. However, speech is still a possibility if I get some money to go. A career test may help, Dylan, but sometimes they breed more confusion because now you have a lot more choices than before and most counselors have no idea how to help those in helping professions and the arts, so we're pretty much on our own. Seriously. The best way is to either take a vocational class or internship, apprenticeship or part-time job doing something else you may be interested in and only you know what that is (be honest about it). You can ask your friends, trustworthy coworkers and other associates about possibilities at your place of worship, neighborhood community centers, hospitals, or look on the web in your town for one-time opportunities to try out things. I know in New York, there are so many "meetup" like groups that you can try out, work on a project, see if you'd like to You can also pick a hobby, plan and complete a project that you can use to make money. Because I am an introvert and artistic, I am taking classes on furniture making and jewelry making. I have also tried pastry arts, paper crafts, book binding, puppetry, sewing, glassblowing, etc. All of these can lead to full time opportunities. I also used to work in publishing so I can publish my own books or a magazine if I wanted to because I know how. My brother is a very busy personal trainer/gym manager and plays the bass part time for private recording sessions. You can do lots of things part time or "one offs" as I like to call them to get experience until an opportunity opens up to do it full time. Or make a plan to do it full time yourself. Don't fret about the economy. Plan it, make it and sell it yourself. It can be done!

Mel 4 years ago

I am so glad to see and hear that I am not alone in this boat! I need a career change and fast. Problem is what to do and having the time and energy to be able to look for a new possibility in time to make that switch!

jltracy2002 4 years ago

Beware of the real estate option. I got my license about 3 yrs ago and do rentals in Boston for the summer but there is nothing like having a steady paycheck with the same amount of money every 2 weeks. I also feel that with teaching you can more or less leave the job behind at school more or less. I know that we do grading and planning, but with real estate you are working all of the time. You need to constantly answer your phone and be available at a moment's notice mostly weekend!! Just an FYI. I do recommend it as a summer job. It's relatively easy to get your license and you can sleep in!!!

Rachel 3 years ago

I am an NC school teacher with a Masters. They have cut salaries and incentives so much that I receive public assistance to help raise my children after their father and I divorced. We are now ranked 51st in the nation in teacher pay and although I love what I do (ESL) I cannot support my family on this salary. I need a career change and fast! I prefer not to have to return to receive yet another degree and pay for another few years of eductation.

sanasiddiqui profile image

sanasiddiqui 16 months ago

Now a days teaching is a very good job opportunity and has a lot of professional benefits.

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