The Best Telephone for a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Phones

There are several reasons why a real estate agent must have a cell phone.  One of the most important reasons is that they should be able to call other real estate agents, clients, mortgage companies at a moments notice.

History of Phones Used by Agents

When I first became a real estate agent the only telephone that could be used in the business was the telephone in the broker's office.  No one could have access to the multiple listing service outside the company office.  Then everything changed and agents could work from home by accessing all the information with a personal computer.

Then Came the Cell Phone

When agents began working out of their own home office they used a stationery phone located in the home. Then agents started having telephones in their cars to make calls. We all remember the big hugh portable phone which was located on the dashboard of the car. Then cell phones were invented. All of a sudden everyone including real estate agents were able to keep in touch 24 hours a day. This opened up a whole new world for real estate agents, especially if you could only work part-time as an agent. I was able to make phone calls from the car to set up appointments to show homes on my way to work. This was really nice because it allowed me to maximize my time.

The smartphone came on the scene and everything else went out the window. An agent could go on the internet with the telephone. There was no need to carry and laptop every time they needed to look up a listing. They could monitor their listings, make phone calls all with the same tool. This was as good as it gets or so we thought.

The Ultimate SmartPhone for Real Estate Agents

There are at least two cell phones that allow real estate agents to not only access the internet to keep track of their real estate transactions but also use the phone as a key to unlock the lockbox when showing a home to a customer.  There is the Blackberry from ATT which will only allow an agent to open the lockbox with an additional attachment.  This is better than the old way of needing a separate e-key all together.

The other phone choice, the Treo 650, 700 or 750 is the very best choice for a real estate agent.  With this cell phone, the agent has access to the multiple listing service through the internet, excel spread sheets, and the phone itself without an attachment is also the lock box key.  It is very easy to program to be the lock box key.  All it takes is a phone call to Supra E-Key company.

If you are a real estate agent, you really should get this phone.  It will save you a lot of time which is always good for business.

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Andrew Mooers 6 years ago

Thanks for the run down. Neat to hear the pros and cons before a purchase.

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