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A smile and pleasant greeting from a fellow human being can make an unpleasant task much more tolerable.
A smile and pleasant greeting from a fellow human being can make an unpleasant task much more tolerable. | Source

I love my job. Although the pay is lower than my previous employment, the work is less physically demanding, the stress level is low, coworkers are kind rather than cruel and my job is to be pleasant and helpful. I'm good at that.

While I was working at my job as a greeter the other night, a young man stopped and asked, "Why don't they just replace you with a hologram? It would be cheaper in the long run if they just projected an image that says, "Good afternoon! Thank you for shopping with us!"

"That's true," I told him, "but a hologram can't deactivate merchandise, sweep, wash windows, clean out carts, answer questions or have this conversation with you."

He nodded in agreement. "I guess that's your job security, but I'll bet the day is coming."

It has already come at many local stores. Greeters have been reassigned to other tasks. Many customers have told me they stopped shopping at the stores that no longer have greeters. My store recently hired a few more and company policy states that having a friendly face at the door to welcome customers is good business. That made me feel secure that my job was in no danger.

Just then, my service coordinator presented a memo for me to read and sign. Effective immediately, no more greeters would be hired. That made sense since some had just been hired and we have plenty. Then, reading further, I found that if one of us quits or is fired, we will not be replaced. Once the current greeters are no longer on staff, other employees will rotate to fill in.

Many of our stores have already moved greeters into other positions and replaced them with security officers. Several of our newer customers mentioned that they stopped shopping there because the greeters were gone.

I was assured that I will keep my current position and only in the future would other staff members be assimilated into greeter positions. I thought of all the customers who come into the store with their ears and eyes glued to their cellphones, not even noticing us as they talk and text. But there are still so many that appreciate the personal touch. So I had to wonder as the young man left the store, calling "Good-bye Virtual Lady!"

The future is always so much closer than we could imagine. Only God knows what it holds. But I won't worry. When one door closes another will open, and I plan to enter with a smile.

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denise.w.anderson profile image

denise.w.anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

I feel the same about my current position, less stress, less physically taxing, more enjoyable, it certainly makes life a bit easier! You are wise to ask questions when they want you to sign a form, you never know what is in the fine print! Hopefully, you will be able to stay there as long as you want to. I like the attitude you have taken, though, only the Lord knows what lies around the corner!

catwhitehead profile image

catwhitehead 4 years ago Author

Thanks, Denise--I'm glad you are enjoying your current position. It does make life much more pleasant.

dadNson1 profile image

dadNson1 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing your sharing your experience and I hope things out for you in your current position.

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