The Art of Selling - FAB

Feature Advantage Benefit

In previous hubs I have gone through the sales process focusing on how a sales conversation is initiated and continued. This is through building rapport and asking the right questions. Once you have reached this stage you have established a business relationship with the client or customer and will know what services/products they want or need (and why they need them).

You are in a position to pitch!

This is not about you going through a sales script. It is about appealing to the client/customers own needs. Its about FAB.

FAB stand for Feature, Advantage, Benefit.

This is a process that deals with the idea that individuals do not buy on the basis of a product and services feature but actually on what the benefits are to them.

In the past I have used the example of a mobile phone. To continue this trend if you look at a mobile phone the camera is a FEATURE, the ADVANTAGE of this is that a customer will always have a camera on them. The BENEFIT is the not missing the opportunity to document a friends drunken dance, a child’s first steps or simply not having to carry to pieces of electrical equipment.

For proof just look at any TV advert. They all sell a lifestyle, a girl, or 'feeling'. Buy this product and you will be cool, you will get the beautiful girl etc.



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