The Best Online Business for the World Traveler

Adding Kindle to Fire Your Dreams

How to Fund a Permanent Caribbean Cruise

The best online business has been discovered. It permits the would-be world traveler to go on a permanent holiday with money streaming into his or her bank account in an ever-increasing flow.

"What is it?" you might be asking.

It is the task of discovering what the owners of the remarkable Kindle e-book platform want and finding a way to provide it to them. I say "finding a way" because you could do the writing of an ebook/report/travel magazine or you could find a ghostwriter to do it while you just did the research and made sure the final product was salable.

For a writer of modest appetites, what could be better than partnering with an extremely accomplished business such as Amazon, to handle the marketing, distribution, customer service, and merchant account functions as only a global behemoth can do? No more haggling with agents, doing book signing tours, flying the Red-Eye Express to speaking engagements to promote your book! Let Amazon, with 125,778,830 certified buyers' credit card and email information on file, take care of the details!

You Are Free To Write -- Or Merely Be The Editor

Selling digital information reduces transaction costs to virtually nothing, so prices can be made very attractive to impulse buyers. Can you see why I call this the "best online business"?

Hemingway would have liked this, I'm sure.

All the travel writer has to do is do what he or she does best -- experience exotic places and write about them. There is an endless source of the material of which dreams are woven at the peripatetic author's fingertips. No more living at the beck and call of some New York editor! If you find a dearth of information on some desirable destination that you'd like to visit, just go there, write about it, and sell it directly to the global market!

No need to develop a reputation, maintain a Web site, or build a list of potential customers. Most of the time-consuming complications of becoming a published writer have been swept away. You and I are fresh out of excuses why we can't start today.

Imagine being at the start of another Internet land rush, with a chance to fill the maw of the hungry Kindle Fire "dream delivery system" and claim a chunk of this growing market, as it pays off handsomely for decades.

Filling reader demand for titles is Amazon's problem, and our opportunity!

Those Who Get In Early Can Develop a Following Fast

The reports I have heard from those who are already in the game say that their royalty checks are growing as the number of Kindles sold soars. This is with minimal or no promotion on the author's part. Truly an ideal situation for a writer who doesn't want to become a businessperson.

I'll wrap this up by saying that I have always been on the lookout for the "perfect business", where the earnings were far out of proportion to the time or money invested. I started reading my father's "Business Week" magazines when I was seven -- and I'm sixty-three now -- so I've looked at and started a lot of businesses in that time. This one tops them all, for the person willing to learn what the public wants and able to give it to them in a way they can't easily find elsewhere.

Like I said, one doesn't need to be a writer -- You could hire a stable of ghostwriters to produce quality content if you learn to be a good judge of what will sell.

What I like about this new business model is the way it cuts out most of the middlemen that make other businesses less profitable and more of a hassle.

Instead, if you produce a reasonable quality product, you have a willing partner -- and not just any partner! You have the 800-pound gorilla of the modern publishing industry as a partner who wants to sell as many copies as possible of your work for as little as a 30% commission.

You get the rest to do with as you please! Just telling you about the best online business makes me want to move to a low-tax offshore jurisdiction and start writing in the shade of a coconut tree.

Got to go now. Times a'wasting!

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