The Best books for beginning entreprenuers

Why read any books at all?

there are many many books out there on how to become an entreprenuer or how to make money at home. But although they are good books, some books have been around for years and have proven to be the best.

You should never start a business without research, these books help you do the research on making money.
The most important rule to starting anything is to have the mindset for it,. You want to be an successful entrepreneur, then develop the entrepreneur spirit..

I have read all of these books and all of them have changed my attitude, mindset and life in some way.

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hall

the whole premise of the book is if you think you can do it, you can. Napoleon Hill, the author, wanted to know the secret to success, and Andrew Carnegie was one of the richest men at the turn of the century. When the author as a boy, Carnegie explained the secret to him, then decided he has grasped the idea. The result was spending 20 years observing other people, some who used the secret and some who didn't.
this book i sgreat for people who want to learn from historical figures, the 13 step plan is awesome. The book itself is inspiring and hs passed the test of time.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

 Richard has two dads, one Rich, one poor who works for the government. The "Poor" Dad gives him advice on money which Richard finds is entirely different from his"Rich Dad's" advice. In the end, his "Poor Dad" dies owing money, and his rich dad dies owning his world.

It is interesting to me how different advice is according to the classes. I recognized he advice as being the same advice my parents gave me the most important difference being His Rich Dad tell him the money should work for him, while his poor dad says you should work hard for the money.

This book changed my way of thinking regarding, bosses, working for yself, risks and pride. It is very important if you are planning on going into busines for your self. We fail in our way of thinking about things.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect- Mark Twain

How would you like to work four hours a week and earn a more then comparable living, even getting rich while doing it? The premise of this book is, we waste to much time in our work day. Timothy Ferries explains how much time we actually waste in a day and how to turn that time into productive time.

Do you check your email 5 or 6 times a day? Checking it once a day is sufficient,and he tells you how. He explains how to outsource, put things on auto pilot and use todays new advances to make you more productive.

his book is written by George Foremen. The fighter tells how he almost missed a million dollar opportunity by turning down and offer to be spokesperson for the Foreman Grill.

Opportunities know on our door, and we miss them everyday. What was your million dollar idea or opportunity?

The knock out Entrepreneur:

Is focused on smart growth, fearlessly seizing opportunity and building an organization of significance.
is a visionary who uses God Given Talents and doesn't back down from hard work to succeed
Is encouraging, doesn't mind taking Risk,
Has integrity
Amassed wisdom over wealth and knows that when all is said and ond done the greatest reward is faith, family and community

Are you a knockout entrepreneur?

Steven Covey tells us the habits that can change out lives, and how they have effected others in ways that helped them grow.
this book does not tell you how to make money, it tells you, however, how to change yourself into a money maker. It changes your ways of thinking while putting a positive spin on it.
He tells us how to turn disappointment into success, and bad attitudes into successful ones. another must read for the successful entrepreneur.


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