The EIGHT things that an ANT can teach us.

Look What an ANT can teach you.

Can we drop the 'I' in us and operate from 'WE' like them..??
Can we drop the 'I' in us and operate from 'WE' like them..??

If You Observe An Ant, You Can Learn A Lot.

 Yes, just because of curiosity to know what an ant can teach us, you click on this hub title, or because of the wonder you have. What..!!. IS there anything this very small creature can teach us..?? Yes. If we observe an Ant, We can learn a lot. Not only from ant, if we start observing the nature, it can teach us a lot than our great universities can offer. Here i'll put some of my observation on Ant.

  • If you observe an ant you can see, that whatever obstales you place infront of an ant, it is so flexible that either it goes around it, under it or above it. FLEXIBILITY. Are we that much flexible..??
  • When it is summer, it plans for winter- PLANNING. In summer, when everything is going well, are we planning for winter? or are we lost in our joy?
  • When it is winter, it waits patiently for summer- PATIENCE. In winter, during difficult days, are we wise enough to develop the quality of patience..?
  • It is present in whatever it does. It enjoy each and every movement. ENJOY EACH MOMENT. Can we consider every incident as happiest and totally enjoy the present.
  • At any given point of time, it does all that is possible, how small it is, never invalidates its strengths. COMMITMENT to do its best. Are we giving our best to the present moment..?
  • It operates in a TEAM- Team means - TOGETHER EMPOWERING TO ACHIEVE MORE. Can we drop the 'I' in us and operate from 'WE'..??
  • Ants have the humility to follow the leader- Humility is Strength; not Weakness. HUMILITY. Can we be humble to follow the rules of life rather treat rules as binding forces..?
  • Ants, while moving in a chain, have perfect communication to send feedback to the ants following them about the path they are moving on. Good COMMUNICATION NETWORK. Can we carefully create a good communication network with people to fulfil our great tasks..??

I hope like ants we can also organise our life in such a manner and can overcome life-threatening obstacles in this vast world.

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Raj 4 years ago

Gr8!!! Learning

karshin 2 years ago


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