The Future Of Computing Is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Solutions

You may not have heard of cloud computing before, but let me assure you that you will be hearing more and more about it in the future. The future of software, computer applications, and document collaboration are all comprised within this idea. If you're one of the people who haven't heard of it before, or who have heard of it but don't really know what it is, the next paragraph will give you an explanation.

The best way to explain what it is, is to start with what everyone already knows. Currently, the main manner in which you might use a software program or application is by doing something like the following: You first purchase the program either at a store or online. Then you install the program onto your computer. Finally, you open the program for the first time, complete the initial setup steps, and then begin using the program.

Now this program that you've installed onto your computer is only on your computer, and no one else can access anything you are working on with that program unless you save a file and send it to them - and they have the same program installed on their computer as well. This is a pretty simple concept which most everyone understands, and is fairly used to. But the future of computing is much different.

Computing started to move towards being more multiple-user friendly when companies like Microsoft started developing programs that could be installed onto a server rather than a single computer. These programs, after having been installed on the server, could be accessed by any computer that was on the network that server was a part of - as long as those computers also had the program installed. But at least the files created (and really the server version of the program itself), could be used by many different users all at the same time.

Now there are programs that have been developed that are similar to a server version of a program, but that don't need to be purchased by any person or company who wants to use it on their network. And neither do those potential users need to purchase the same program for their personal computer. Instead, these programs are installed on the developing company's server which uses the entire internet as its network. And with the developments of more powerful internet programming capabilities, these programs may be used by anyone with an internet connection because the internet browser acts as the program interface.

Since all that is necessary is to have an internet browser installed on a computer in order to use these programs that are in the cloud, they are much easier to access and use than traditional programs. And the best part is, that most of the companies that offer these types of programs do so for a very low cost. And many of them even allow them to be used for free (typically with strategically chosen limitations), so a user can see how useful it could be for them before purchasing the right to use it or start paying subscription fees.

The bottom line is that cloud computing is becoming more and more popular due to its accessibility, low cost, ease of use, and general convenience. It is the next stage of computer program evolution, and will continue to become more commonplace for just about everyone who uses computers.

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ambrking profile image

ambrking 5 years ago from Encino, California

I agree with you it is the future of computing. Cloud computing is very powerful, convenient and cost effective.

nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 4 years ago

Very true, cloud computing is the future of IT as it supports unlimited scalability for very low cost. Investing in cloud computing is also an excellent idea.

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