15 "The Haunting At NMC"

Ghosts and spirits.
Ghosts and spirits.

Haunting Story

The Haunting At NMC

I worked at NMC for 9 years. There was a story started there that the building was haunted. I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them myself. But I will say that there were a lot of weekends that I worked there on a weekend and there were no machines running and it was so quiet that you could actually hear yourself think. My office was the maintenance department and it was located with my desk in the middle of the warehouse.

I would be sitting at my desk or working on a piece of equipment with the stillness that would have made a cat twitch. All of a sudden there would be a sound like someone knocking something off of a shelf somewhere in the warehouse. I thought that maybe someone had come in and didn’t let me know they were there. I would go look but there was no one around and I wasn’t able to find anything on the floor anywhere. Sometimes this was a little spooky but then I would just remind myself that I was the only one there. Then I would think about the story behind the building being haunted.

When NMC purchased the building there was an enclosed firing range inside at the back of the building. You see, this building was at one time, just before NMC purchased it, a gun manufacturing company. The story behind the haunting of the building is that some of the guns that were made there and shipped out ended up in places they weren’t supposed to go. There were people killed with some of the guns and the spirits or ghosts of those victims would make an appearance once-in-a-while to search for the ones that were responsible for where those guns were shipped.

Like I said at the beginning, I don’t believe in such things, but there were times on those quiet weekends that I would have almost sworn there was something in that building besides me.

The really strange thing about this whole thing is that they decided to tear down the firing range. After the range was gone I can’t remember hearing any strange sounds or noises anymore. I never thought about that until recently. If there is any such thing as spirits, then I hope that by removing the firing range those poor souls were able to rest in peace.


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Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

i would never like to experience any such kind of encounters with ghost.... you never get scared when they made sounds????

gregas profile image

gregas 6 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi Sunny, No, I never let it scare me. I don't scare easy. I just figured, if they were ghosts or spirits, they weren't looking for me. But it was an eerie feeling at times. Thank you for the visit. Greg

Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

thanks for sharing your experience........

JY3502 profile image

JY3502 6 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

Interesting tale, however, you failed to identify what and where NMC is.

gregas profile image

gregas 6 years ago from Corona, California. Author

Hi JY, NMC is an injection molding company in Pomona, CA.Greg

Dancing Water profile image

Dancing Water 4 years ago

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I work in a haunted place, and I have had encounters with the paranormal in the past. Most of the encounters have been positive, for the most part. Please read my hub Thespian Ghosts if you please. I don't have a special interest in spirits, and I am not a "believer" in ghosts. I am just open to the possibility.

Thank you for an honest hub!

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