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Business Typos can be Expensive

How expensive can a typo be? Very. Given today’s communication technologies, a company’s copywriting error can be shared almost instantly with millions of existing and potential customers. Plenty of people will equate a company’s grammatical sloppiness with generally less-than-stellar products and services. At the very least, mistakes in business writing are advertisements for the competition.

It’s Not Just Prissiness. It’s the Law

Error-free business communication is truly paramount to success. Many business owners adopt the attitude that little mistakes don't matter —yet one poorly worded advertisement or mass email message can lose accounts and have disastrous legal consequences. A poorly worded technical manual or a confusing business letter can easily land you in court.

In fact, here are seven embarrassing and expensive typos —for the ages. Like many things in life, business writing requires due diligence! A bit of professional business editing is well worth the peace of mind it provides. Pro editors will ensure your writing's:

  • Readability
  • Accuracy
  • Proper word choice
  • Flow, and
  • Audience appropriateness.

Business Editing by Committee?

One of the reasons for the excess number of mistakes we see these days is that business writing is often done by committee but business editing is often done on the fly or at the last minute — if at all. When many hands get involved in any process, the results are often sub-standard. For instance, if you are putting together your company annual report, it is important to consult key people in your organization for input. Marketers, sales managers, lawyers, and those on the shop floor or front desk may all offer valuable insights and information. However, after all the appropriate people offer their input, the resulting document can be convoluted, redundant and disorganized.

The dilemma holds true for a sole proprietorship. If you own a small business, you are no doubt very busy with day-to-day tasks. Yet how many times have you reminded yourself that you would really like to update and rewrite the content of your website—andit never gets done? It could be that writing web copy is not your forte. Or, even if you are very good with words and have the technical ability, you might never find the time.

Even if you do get around to dealing with your business communication needs, mistakes are easy to make when you have so much else on your plate. Therefore, it is well worth the price to outsource your work and hire a professional.

Business Editing at the Click of a Mouse

Whether you work in a corporate environment or own a small business, hiring a professional business editor can be hassle-free. You’ll get added value by outsourcing your business editing needs because you’ll ease the burden on yourself or your staff, letting everyone focus on core business activities and their true strengths.

Remember, if your business writing is sloppy, incorrect, or unclear, then your trustworthiness suffers with customers, suppliers, and the public at large. Why take the chance? Hire an editor today.

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wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 5 years ago from Central United States

It would be great if the people who come here (to Hub Pages) had to read your article before posting to hub pages. This really is a business and articles should be edited before posting.

I have to admit I am probably one of the offenders, because I have found grammatical errors in two of my articles after they were posted. Once they were found I immediately went in and made repairs though.

I have learned though to check everything over because some of what I write has to be approved before it is published. It would not be good to wait a week for approval just to find it was rejected due to spelling and grammar errors.

It seems you have to be an expert not only in your area of expertise but also in your use of the English language.

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