The Importance of Container Security For Your Business


Shipping products in cargo containers is essential in the flow of materials and goods worldwide. Since global shipping has grown and continues to grow, there is now a need for improved tracking and security of cargo containers. Cargo containers need to be secure so that they are protected from theft. They also need to be secure in order to keep these containers from being used by terrorists. Containers that are not secure could be used to transport weapons of terrorists. The market for container security is still very new but there has been some progress as far as government mandates and technical standards are concerned.

An initiative called the Container Security Initiative or CSI was launched six years ago by the U.S. Customs department. The purpose of the initiative was to increase the security of all cargo containers that are shipped into the United States.

According to U.S. Customs, ninety percent of world trade is transported in containers and half of the trade coming into the United States arrives on ships in containers. Since terrorist organizations more often than not focus on annihilating a country's economic structure, the weaknesses of international shipping lines has been put under a microscope. Under CSI, containers that may pose a security risk are screened by customs officials.

The CSI initiative consists of four main features. First, instant information and intelligence should be used to target and identify cargo containers that may pose a national security risk. Next containers that may pose a security risk should be screened before they arrive in the U.S. Also, detection technology should be used to pre-screen containers that may be a security risk and containers should be tamper proof.

There are a number of companies that provide security seals for cargo containers. Also more and more of these companies are looking into technologies that can be used against terrorism.

The Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism or C-TAPT works with the public and businesses to help insure cargo container security. C-TAPT has put forth a number or regulations and standards for businesses to use in order to make sure their cargo containers are secure.

C-TAPT guidelines call for a container inspection, the use of container seals and a proper place for the containers to be stored. Businesses such as Sealock Security Systems and VMS Products offer a number of security seals for cargo containers that are C-TAPT compliant.

VMS Products offers a variety of metal bolt security seals that comply with C-TAPT guidelines and that can be customized for an individual company. An individual company can have their seals engraved with a unique letter combination or number combination or both. These seals are certified as high security devices.

A notable advance in security seals for cargo containers is the Sealock security devices. These devices both seal and lock cargo containers. These devices are the only devices that are considered to be anti-terrorist technology. The seal used by a Sealock device cannot be replaced if it is removed. The construction of these devices including the steel construction and particular texture, make the device ideal for keeping cargo containers tamper proof.

As terrorism continues to be a concern, more and more business will begin developing technology for protecting cargo containers and the international supply chain


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