The Key to My Success

The key to my success in life has been discovering the ability to believe in myself and visualize my success.  If you can see what you want and believe in your ability to have it, that's half the battle.  But you can't just wait for success to come to you.  You have to take chances to go after it. 

Fear can disable you.  Fear of venturing into the unknown, fear of hurting or disappointing people you care about, fear of failing, and fear of embarrassing yourself can only be overcome by realizing that not going after what will fulfill your life would be worse than your fears.

You need a plan.  What are the most important things you need to feel successful? List them, then put them in order of importance to you.  Figure out what steps you need to take to achieve success in learning, finance, health, achievements, and family and social relations.  Close your eyes and visualize each item on your list happening, then take the steps necessary to make them happen.

You'll learn as you go.  You'll have some failures, disappointments, and regrets, but if you keep trying and learn from your mistakes, you'll have many more successes. 

You have to learn to balance your life.  If you're concentrating on financial success 24 hours a day, your health and social life will suffer.  But if you spend all your time on your social life, your finances will suffer.  You need a time schedule that will work to balance all the areas of your life in which you're searching for success.  This means setting priorities and putting some areas of interest on hold. 

Learn to network.  Let everyone know what you're trying to achieve and accept help in achieving your goals.  Seek out other people with similar values and goals who have achieved success and follow their lead.  Ask for help and learn how to accept it. 

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Wonder Referrals 7 years ago from Chicago

Thank you Catwhitehead !

For adding your views and great points to my growing list of The Key To Success.

Believing in yourself is very important.

Chances and taking risk are very important when striving for success.

1. Belief

2. Taking chances & risk will be added to the list of The Key To Success.

When you find time. Please vist my site at

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