The New Media Monster(Mobile Marketing)

Mobile Marketing

It is time to look up at the new "Media Monster" that is upon us. Mobile marketing is by far the greatest invention since the Internet itself.If you missed out on the dot com boom, you still had a chance with the rise of social media websites. And if you missed out on that, and you thought all was lost you're still in luck.Now is the time to get with the program. Creating ads using text message marketing via mobile devices. Within the last couple of years the use of mobile devices has risen dramatically. The use of mobile devices such as the cell phone has changed the very way we live, interact with each other, and do business and will be with us, for a very long time until, someone creates a new form of medium for us.Until then this is it! Less than 1% of all businesses globally use ,or are dimly aware mobile marketing and the potential it has to transform a business going nowhere, into going into the stratosphere. In America, alone are over 250 million cell phone users,that's over 80% of the population of the continent. It's estimated that by 2012, 10 trillion text messages will be sent and delivered globally. People are spending more time and money on mobile devices than any other form of media. Some analysts say that mobile marketing and advertising will explode from a couple of hundred million dollars in revenues in 2008, to nearly 5 billion by 2012.It has also been estimated that text messages have a 97% open rate, as opposed to email marketing ,which could take days to be opened and read if opened at all.The speed and ease in which text messages are sent and received make mobile marketing an invaluable tool for any business anywhere on the planet.
Now there's a way for the smallest of businesses to profit from this new advertising medium.

Local Mobile Monopoly, created by Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan, has revolutionised advertising. This remarkable new service allows small businesses to advertise like the "BIG BOYS", through text messaging small businesses can now stay in touch with their customers, and keep them apprised of any sales discounts ,on products or services, they may offer. This is extremely beneficial in which these businesses ,can add a personal touch to their customers needs, by offering an instant way to communicate and advertise at the same time. This new service offers a variety of different ways to help small businesses advertise their products, and or services, to their customers through a variety of campaign strategies.I could go into detail about these services, perhaps the best way would be visit a website that could explain it better. So here it is.


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