The Online Business Does it work?

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For many years now I've been hearing that the Online Business is the way to go, especially with the state of the economy being as it is, more and more people are turning to the Internet as a source of making an income.But it still begged the question, who is really making money on the Internet, who are they and how are they doing it? All too often you hear about some one getting scammed. Who can you trust. Are there really any ligament online businesses out there you can really make money with? There are several schools of thought on this subject. One I keep hearing about is Ebay, Amazon is another and Google still another, and the list goes on and on.which begged another question is any one monitoring any of these giants of the Internet. Some one to make sure the little guy doesn't get crushed? I wonder?

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BRU-117 7 years ago from Author

If anyone has any suggestions' comments or ideas feel free to let me know, as you can see I'm rather new at this. Thanks.

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