The Socio-Economic Liberation Front

"Dedicated to the principle of the harnessing of spending power, as a means of economic [SELF] empowerment and social change."
"Dedicated to the principle of the harnessing of spending power, as a means of economic [SELF] empowerment and social change." | Source

"Self-hate is self-defeating."

The Honorable Marcus Garvey would have mirrored this viewpoint in this year of our Lord 2015. We spent 1.3 trillion dollars - with nothing (significant) to show. for it. How did 46 million of us spend 1,300 billion dollars? That's mind boggling.
The Honorable Marcus Garvey would have mirrored this viewpoint in this year of our Lord 2015. We spent 1.3 trillion dollars - with nothing (significant) to show. for it. How did 46 million of us spend 1,300 billion dollars? That's mind boggling.



$1,300,000,000,000.00 is an unfathomable sum of dollars for 46,000,000 people to have expended to get nothing out of it; especially, considering the fact that a great majority of that figure are children, unemployed and on public welfare and food stamps.

Every portal established is a business and, be mindful of the fact that your congregations are tax-sheltered entities. The U.S. Dept. of Commerce clocked African Americans in at the above figure. $250 per/month for a family of four is simple math as it relates to those families that make up your congregationans and that holds true for every month - indefinitely!


Address to the Concerned Clergy of Greater Atlanta 2010

The Time for Unity is Now

African-American’s Buying Power Projected to be $1.3 Trillion in 2015


Dr. Marshall T. Bolling

Marketing Strategist

Broker/Trade Consultants


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Just prior to his assassination, April 4, 1968, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King admonished we, Black Americans, for our failure to consolidate the might of our spending power - at that time (as he strongly emphasized) a reported $30 billion, annually. Since then, as reported by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in his, annual, Saviors Day address in 2013, that figure has risen to a (staggering) trillion dollars in 2012. Given that the U.S. census of 2010 numbered our population at 46 million souls, a trillion dollars represents an expenditure truly damming to our intelligence; especially when one considers that we have our hands out to our white oppressors for reparations, economic aid and social justice. Dr. King headed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (S.C.L.C.), which was definitely religious in scope. Surely the time has arrived for our clergy to consider the potential that such spending power affords Black Americans - if channeled properly. The economic forecast for the U.S.A. is "hard times on the IMMEDIATE horizon" and be mindful that, as Holy men you are, indeed, ordained to be shepherds to your congregations - not rulers over them.

The church is the vehicle we Black people need to mobilize; for it IS the church, that God charged to be a haven for the widows, the poor, the orphans and those strangers found within their gates (the homeless). Thus was the order given unto the priests by the Lord, God of Israel (Jesus or Yehshur Ben Yosef)..

Our churches must begin to care for their congregations from an entirely Holistic perspective; one which embraces the three basic requirements of family structure - food, shelter and clothing. The present socio-economic crisis which faces African Americans is monumental in scope and touches upon all of the above mentioned areas of responsibility in respect to the church. Minister Louis Farrakhan posed this question to the distinguished panel of speakers at the first State of the Race Symposium, "Can these bones live?" His was a direct quote from the book of the prophet Ezekiel, who saw the end of our journey in time and mourned the vision. This same question is echoed, daily, from the mouths of many, who doubt our ability to correct/direct ourselves. You hear their solutions; they're voiced over the networks daily, nearly all not in our best interests. Therefore, it is critically necessary that we make a change.

The Socio-Economic Liberation Front (S.E.L.F), advocates a - "new perspective" - a newer, more holistic approach - to addressing the economic despair which pervades our communities - the economic mobilization of the Black church.

As members of the S.E.L.F., our mission at Broker Trade Consultants is the establishment of faith based channels (direct buying portals) through which congregations will harness a measurable profit from the daily consumer spending of their membership. Our initial target is those monies spent, routinely, for a wide variety of consumer services and household items not covered in monthly food stamp allotments.

AmWay distributors supply their customers a wide variety of consumer goods; Items like cosmetics and personal hygiene products, varied paper products, trash-bags, household cleansers, laundry supplies and various health and beauty aids. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, an average family of 4 expends approximately $250 on such products each month. Below is an example of how even a small congregation can benefit from establishing a portal through our distribution networks.

$250 x 30 households = $7,500 per/month or $90,000 per/yr.

Each portal will profit from the sheer volume of product which is distributed to its clients. Residual income from a $7500 volume of sales earn Amway distributors 25% of their individual product volume and increase as their volume rises. Since such portals are purely for the economic empowerment of the congregations, there is no distributor profit to figure in; thus an additional savings to clients, already buying direct - the cheapest way to go.

Each portal will also add to our general economic empowerment by creating a business, as those persons designated to establish each portal are classified as Independent Business Owners (IBO's); a lucrative self-employment opportunity.

AmWay Facts:

Also, as our basic marketing apparatus is that of home delivery, the sudden rise in volume of such parcels into our communities will surely create many jobs for drivers at companies utilized for home delivery.

5 Linxs: http: //

5 Linxs is another marketing network that affords its IMR's (Independent Marketing Representatives) a lucrative business opportunity that can be used to empower those congregations with the vision to see the economic benefit of establishing a network. 5 Links offers a wide variety of consumer services; all of which represent an out-of-pocket expense to consumers; services like energy (gas and electricity), cell phones, land lines, internet, VOIP, data vaults, cable TV, satellite TV, Dish Network, home security systems, medical alert and telephone medical advice. IMRs in the 5Links network earn a substantial residual income from the CV (customer volume) of clients linked into their networks; income that is realized continually throughout the months and years that their clients remain in their distribution networks. Currently services such as those listed above are provided by a variety of ethnic groups that do business in our communities; none that have our interests at heart. Such is true of Black communities all across America. To borrow two well known quotes:

"To know is not to be wise, but wisdom is the correct use of knowledge and the gift of God." - Solomon, son of King David; the wisest man ever to breathe a breath.

"Cast down your bucket." Booker T. Washington

When one considers the spending power that African Americans presently possess, our socio-economic plight is disgraceful and makes us the laughingstock of all those ethnic groups that ply their businesses in our communities. The S.E.L.F. is committed to change that once and for all.



Dr. Marshall T. Bolling

Marketing Strategist

Broker/Trade Consultants


Tel. 011-972-058-628-1883

A Warning!

God gave Noah the rainbow sign – No more water!, will be The Fire Next Time!

Savior's Day 2016 - Detroit, Michigan

Voices In The Wind

The following series of public addresses serve well in summarizing the mission of the S.E.L.F. Our mission at the Socio-Economic Liberation Front only requires a conscious decision to purchase the majority of the consumer goods and services (we routinely purchase) through our own, controlled distribution channels - SPENDING POWER!

$1.3 Trillion ($1,300,000,000 Million) Between 2014/2015

Black Americans are expected to expend even more in the U.S. economy for consumer goods (that food stamps don't buy) in 2016.

Dick Gregory - "Play Time's Over; 2016 "

1963 March on Washington - "I have a dream."

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King's last public address; "I've Been to the Mountaintop!" - April 3, 1968; Masonic Temple - Memphis,TN.

State of The Black Union: 1st Analysis

Honorable Mininter L. Farrakhan1998 Savior's Day address



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Broker-Trade profile image

Broker-Trade 7 months ago from Chicago, IL Author

I formulated this hubpage back in the summer of 2008. It was an idea before its time. Now, as we round the turn into the homestretch for 2016, we've put over 4 trillion dollars on a horse that has never placed. To borrow a phrase from Mookie - "WAKE UP!"

Tsadakeyah Cohen 7 years ago

Thanks for your very positive input. Churches must reorganize to address their God ordained purpose.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

I certainly agree that churches have had their charitable role usurped by government, which cannot do the job nearly as well. Thank you for an informative, intelligent article. It is good.

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