Success only ever comes before Work in the Dictionary

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Success only comes before Work in the Dictionary

One of the greatest things in life is to truly grasp the meaning of Success and not in monetary terms but in true life connectivity terms and in what one does.

The real secret of success comes from Inspiration, Application, Perseverance, Constancy, Consistency and some Perspiration and this applies in all walks of life.

The ability to see long term is not granted to many in the last 10/15 years where everything has been about short term game or 15 minutes of fame thanks to a reality TV programmes.

One truly admirable thing about the Chinese is their ability to think generation-ally where plans are laid for the next 50 years and not just for the next 5 as happens in the West and one can only hope their dedication to a sustainable Eco Friendly Economy that they are now working on teaches us all throughout the world to think that way.

Monetarily we now have all our major currencies just being bits of paper and no longer backed by gold as was the case in the past.

The link at the end of this paragraph shows you 2 videos you should see and the group being formed under the KB Gold banner you should also consider joining for your future, to join is FREE to learn from it is FREE and to change your future is your choice and is also FREE.

Be who YOU want to be, Nobody is going to come and Save YOU, Nobody is going to give YOU anything, Nobody knows what YOU want except YOU, Nobody will be sorry if YOU don't get it so never give up on YOUR DREAMS.


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