The Successful Executive knows Clients have FOUR Needs

The Successful Executive knows Clients have FOUR Needs

The Successful Executive knows that Clients have FOUR Needs and how to make sure to recognize those needs to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with Clients.

Those four needs are...

1. Need to feel welcome.

2. Need to feel important.

3. Need to be understood.

4. Need to be comfortable.

The Need to Feel Welcome

Clients want to know when they show up that you want them there.

They like to know they are going to be taken care of and that your company is going to be able to deliver a solution for them.

Ask yourself...

  • Who greets them when they arrive?
  • How are they greeted?
  • Are they offered a drink of coffee, water etc?
  • When a client visits you where do they wait for you to come out of your office?
  • What is in that area? Water cooler, magazines, music, sugar free candy bowl?
  • Is the furniture clean and comfortable?
  • How long is a client expected to "wait"?
  • What are you doing to Exceed Customer Satisfaction?

Signal- If the client is watching their watch or spending time blindly looking around you might not be working effectively. They might be waiting too long, uncomfortable or bored with the wait.

The Need to Feel Important

Be expressive when you meet your client. Smile and give a good handshake. Let them know verbally and physically that you are happy to see them. Let them know that they are important to you and your business.

If you can't master being happy about your clients, which you should always be happy you have clients, you are going to push them away never to return and remember...

Clients have mouths and an address book or email book full of people to share "how you made them Feel". In todays high tech world one message could go to thousands via email or even Twitter!

Talk about "devastation".

Signal - sometimes the client may compensate this need by being a bit flashy. Maybe their hairstyle or clothes are a bit over the top or they like to brag. These people should be expressly made to feel important to help them "compensate" for their obvious desire to be noticed.

The Need to Be Understood

A person always does business with the person that relates to them.

It is more than common goals and interests, its the communication.

A person likes to know that when they speak to you it isn't going into a void or in one ear and out the other. Attentive is what the client is looking for. Someone who not only listens but makes mental notes of the conversation. An effective Listener.

They don't like mixed messages. They said one thing and you heard another. This means you aren't Understanding them.

Signal- Clients who have to say things more than once or change their tone (i.e. it goes UP in volume, or DOWN to a mumble) aren't really feeling that you are understanding them.

The Need to Be Comfortable

A portion of this Need is connected to the first need to be welcome.

The physical side that we went over in that Need.

Now we go deeper.

Clients want to be able to speak their mind. They like to share their ideas for their business and for you to take them into consideration when developing a strategy for your company to provide them with the product or service they have come to you seeking.

They also like for you to ask probing questions to really get into the nuts and bolts of what they are looking for. If you don't ask questions then you are not doing a good job at providing them service.

Professionals who "don't ask- don't succeed".

Signal- maybe your client needed extra directions, is looking a bit "antsy" perhaps even pacing or rocking when they stand. They aren't comfortable and you need to make the effort to make them Feel Comfy.

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Richard Lewis 7 years ago

I worked with Johni throughout much of this time and after our downsizing we lost touch I was so happy to find my favorite Manager online. Johni can build one fine team and keep them motivated. It was a pleasure working with her in Big Banking!

Richard Lewis

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