The Truth About Working For Xanterra (Xanterra Review)

Mystic Falls in Yellowstone National Park
Mystic Falls in Yellowstone National Park

If you are considering working for Xanterra in the near future then you have probably been reading some of the reviews about the company that are posted online.

I did the same thing and I admit I was a little skeptical about working for the company. There were alot of negative reviews and I was traveling a long way across the country. I couldn't afford to get to Yellowstone National Park and then have employment problems.

But I decided to take the chance and go and work for Xanterra despite what I had read. One valuable lesson I learned is to never let other peoples negativity influence the decisions you make.

In my opinion Xanterra wasn't a bad company to work for. I was especially impressed by the check-in process when we first arrived. It took place quickly and orderly and made me feel right at home and eased some of my fears.

The housing wasn't near as bad as lots of the reviews stated. True you have to room with a total stranger (unless you come with a roommate) and this can be trying but it is bearable and there are lots of cool people who you might get roomed with. You also have the option to go to the Housing office and request a roommate change if there are any issues.

All meals are provided in the Employee Dining Room (they take room and board out of your check) and while it's not the best food in the world it is edible. Don't expect 5 star meals but you wont starve. Plus it's cool to know that you never have to worry about meals as long as you are there. You can be completely broke and its no big deal, you'll still eat.

I read alot of reviews about Xanterra firing people for no reason and I have to say that I never saw this happen. There was some kind of reason in every instance I saw someone terminated. I can't say I always agreed with the verdict but they weren't just phantom firing. If you work hard, show up on time, and stay out of trouble you should have no trouble keeping your job.

That being said there are alot of different jobs and different managers in a big company like Xanterra. And some of the managers arent the best in the world. You might get a bad one. Just being honest here. The good news is though that it is super easy to transfer to a new position within the company. There are job listings posted all over the place and you have the right to apply for any position you want. And the managers are usually pretty cool about releasing you to go to your new position.

One of the best things about working for Xanterra is the people you will meet and the new friends you will gain. I met some really good friends who I intend to keep in touch with who I hope will be in my life forever. People come from all over the word to work in the national parks for Xanterra so you will meet people that you probably never would have had the chance to meet. It's pretty awesome.

All in all I say that Xanterra isn't a bad company to work for. Don't let the bad experiences others had scare you away from working for them. Yellowstone National Park is truly a magical place and being able to spend a summer there makes up for any issues you might have.

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