The declining of good leader


Lately, all I been hearing is our leaders speaking how to help the middle-class and the rich. That ok but What about the people that don't have the money. I am glad they have money and I know they have their problems too. The people like myself and other are on the poverty-level and my children that is below poverty-level can't get a good apartment because they aren't making enough money. Food stamp help people but also cause condition of the mind. After you receive this public assistance for awhile you become despair and become depended on these items. Instead giving us the knowledge and skills we need. These things enable us to this frame of mind which in return we become depend on. Most of the people they try to help can't read or write. So this lead them to try survive the best way they know how. This would be the only way they are to survive. Some of these people are up in years of age and some not , to proud, ashame. Use the skills they have learned off of street . They serach for person they trust by asking round so they can get other to help them out filling out paper. Lot time when they send these out to get help the people behind the desk make them feel lower than what they already feel. You go to your appointement to see people that act like they own whatever government is giving. Some of these people have work and a steady job. Than something happen cause maybe illness, personal, lay-off


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