Things to Consider Before Hiring a New Employee


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Many managers think that it is an easy choice, at least when an employee leaves; it should be simple - replace them! However things are rarely that simple. Even if the role is deemed essential to the ongoing success of the business it is by no means certain that the individual employee will be replaced.

On a strategic level the hiring imperative is never a simple decision to make. Each role has a value which is added to the organisation, even if that value is simply to make an item available to someone else in a timely manner. Some of the things to consider are:

  • Work schedules
  • Training requirements
  • Safety needs
  • Statutory Compliance

And this is before even considering a single candidate resume. In talking about replacing an employee that has decided to leaveĀ  in the current era of tight purse-strings most hiring managers will look at cost saving options before recruiting a new staff member, irrespective of whether the candidate is available internally or has to be recruited externally. Within the department it may be possible to re-allocate existing resources within the department in order to cover responsibilities. In the light of the current recession many organisations will always be looking to perform the same anount of work with fewer staff.

Despite all the cost saving hiring is also necessary. Here are some things that should be considered to ensure you are ready to hire:

  • The overall cost of hiring.
  • Should you consider a temporary or contract resource?
  • The legal responsibilities of the employer

The cost of hiring the new employee is not simply the salary that you negotiate, it must include the total benefits package, their office space, the equipment they use etc. etc. Whilst there can be a saving in respect of the benefits for hiring a temporary or contract staff it is important to remember that they still need to make use of the same equipment that a permanent staff member works with.

If it is a long time since the department hired any staff then the salary ranges necessary to attract new staff will need thinking about. In the two and a half year gap between hiring staff this writer discovered that graduate salary expectations had risen significantly (even within a recession) and if competitive monies are not offered then high quality staff will not be interested in the job. It is important to know the salary ranges, and what the associated implications are for any role that you are hiring for.

The Hiring Process:

The remainder of this article has looked at the decision that are made before considering a single candidate. When hiring it is always worthwhile considering internal candidates first, although in this writer's experience hiring externally brings a fresh set of ideas. These fresh ideas can often move the work of the department forward, to pull it out of the rut.

Having a good job specification is essential. Do not simply dust off the old one, re-write it and make sure that it is relevant to the role in the current era.

One of the important aspects about hiring in stringent times is about thinking how to link to the prospective new employee. On-line advertising, networking, and Social Media are all important aspects that all have to be considered. Web based networking can for some hiring managers be quite a challenge, yet they can reap rewards for the patient manager.


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