Tiger Syndrome Conundrum

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As far as I know, I have been saying this to my friends since I was in School.

But if you do know a source older than mine (1990) then please do leave it the comments and I will give the due credit.

So what is the Tiger Syndrome Conundrum?

Imagine you are in the wild on a trip with your friends or family or a loved one.

(I was on one at Bandhavgarh, India and I did see a Tiger sitting on an elephant.  I think the tiger was B2)

Now imagine you wandered off for a while and suddenly find yourself not only alone, but facing a tiger. (if it helps, imagine the tiger on the top of the hub)

Now, what will you do?

Come on, be honest.

Take a minute here and think about.  What will you do?



You can try.

See this from wikipedia

Even with their great masses, tigers can reach speeds of about 49–65 kilometres per hour (35–40 miles per hour), although they can only do so in short bursts, since they have relatively little stamina; consequently, tigers must be relatively close to their prey before they break their cover. Tigers have great leaping ability; horizontal leaps of up to 10 metres have been reported, although leaps of around half this amount are more typical.

Now, you can try to outrun that, but really, who are you kidding. You wont be able to.

Now lets try another 'What if' scenario

Imagine you are in room, closed room.  No windows, no doors, no escape.

Now a tiger is left in the room.

What will you do?

Lie down and let him eat you?


I didn't think so.

You will atleast try once, try one punch, one kick, something.  One!

You will try, wont you.

This is the Tiger Syndrome Conundrum

everytime you are feeling like 'what the !$@%' and want to give up, think of the tiger in the room. 

Give it one shot, one sexy, powerful, all you got shot!

it just might work!

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