Tips for Job Interview Success - Do You Know the Source of Job Hires?

Tips for Job Interview Success

Learning how to prepare for an interview will increase a job candidate's ability to receive attractive job offers. In today's competitive job market you must go on many more interviews to get an offer than you would have to in normal times.So you need to learn how to get more interviews scheduled. Employers source job candidates from more than a dozen sources. Yet many job seekers focus their efforts to land interviews on just 1 or 2 avenues. Diversifying one's approach will increase the amount of interviews and thus the frequency of a job offer.

Key Sources of Job Hires

The largest source of external job hires came from referrals, with 28 out 100. Next, at one quarter of all external hires was career job boards. Third among sources was the hiring organization's career site.

So the top 3 sources of hires account for over 70% of all external hires. The remainder are sourced from college, rehires, recruiters, temp to contract, print advertisement, etal.

Action Step 1 - Evaluate the channels you are currently using in order to obtain interviews. Broaden your search to add those sources that you are currently not using. This will increase your success rate in obtaining interviews.

Action Step 2 - Because referrals account for the majority of external hires you must improve your networking skills. Increasing one's networking ability will pay large dividends in the search for a job. Yet this skill is one that few pay attention to let alone master. Many attractive jobs are never advertised, so the only way to learn about them is to talk to the people in the know. Learn more about The Networking Game.

The important message is that you cannot rely on a single source for your interview leads. You must diversify your approach or you will miss out on many quality job opportunities.


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